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A Disappointing Saturday

The first Saturday match called off was the 5ths East when their opposition, Oakland Rowlands 4th, pulled out of the league as they’ve had difficulty getting a team together.

Next to be called off on Friday evening was the 3rds game against Lyndworth 2nds at Lyndworth as their ground was soaking wet and covered in puddles. The 3rds are now 4th in their division.

On Saturday the 4ths game at Court Lane was called off, and then the 5ths West game. Both teams are mid table.

The 1sts travelled to Bedworth and it looked like we were going to get some cricket in, but then the umpires discovered a large patch of very wet ground just on the edge of the square. We waited hoping it would dry out, had tea and then were almost ready to start when the heavens opened and there was no further chance of play. The only match in the division that was played to completion was Rugby vs Handsworth, making little different to the overall table. Walmley are in second place after Bedworth.

The 2nds managed to start their game but after just 14.1 overs, the rain came and no further play was possible. The only other match which saw any play in that division was Coventry and North Warwickshire 2nds vs Lyndworth 1sts, where the game was awarded to Coventry and North Warwickshire, taking them one point ahead of Walmley at the top of the table.

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