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A First For Many … (Colron Blues)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Sedgley and Gornal East
When 11:30am Sunday 24th November 2019
Where Pitch 1 Grace Academy
Colron Team Zac R, Cohen, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Connor
Absent Zak A (Hope you enjoyed your time with Derby), Kyrie, Tyler and Ollie
Manager Richard & Andy

Game Summary

Once upon a time on a damp and dreary Sunday Morning in Darlaston there were 6 handsome Colron Blues players set to play their best game ever against an eager Sedgley and Gornal East team. A beneficial team talk from Richard and Andy regarding tactics and positionings was actively received from the players.

First Half

The starting squad is Connor in goal, Cohen central, Fisayo left, Zac right and Jake in defence. Cohen opens the play with a pass to Jake, to Fisayo, back to Cohen, to Zac, Fisayo and back to Cohen who battles to get towards goal. The game continues in this way for a few minutes with all players receiving the ball, moving into space and passing to their teammate. Perfect play boys.

Zac then receives the ball on the right side of the pitch, he pauses looks up, takes his kick the goalkeeper goes left and the ball is in the top right hand corner, goal.

The ball continues in the possession of Colron for most of this half with strong runs and passes across the whole field towards goal from Cohen, Zac and Fisayo. Fisayo gets the ball looks up and shoots, it is over this time as all the parents gasp at how unlucky this was.

Fisayo tackles well this game as Richard shouts from the side lines “Brilliant Challenge Fisayo”.

As much as the ball is in much of Colron’s possession the boys never reduce their energy levels or passion for the game.

Zac has a breakthrough run and races down the line and is just wide in the end.

Zac, Fisayo and Cohen continue with their passing to each other. (Zac informed me they had a plan, but wouldn’t tell me the plan, its club secrets). The passing system lands back at Zac feet and with more control aims at goal, just wide.

Zac then gets a throw in, which is connects with Cohen feet and off he goes and with a twist, turn and kick Cohen sneaks the ball through what seemed am impossible gap to score his first goal for the club. Cohen celebrates in style and is so chuffed for his first goal. Well done Cohen.

The enforcer Jake comes into the game as the ball makes its way towards defence, Jake clears and its off a Sedgley player for a throw in. Jake takes the throw in and as per their pre match talks sends it down the line to Zac R who makes a move before passing to Fisayo, he is blocked by 2 defenders. This does not stop him; he retrieves the ball and shoots at goal and it’s just wide.

Now to play their other pre match tactics when Colron are given a corner, Jake creeps slowly from defence, Sedgley unaware of the plan as they mark up Zac and Fisayo in goal. Cohen plays the ball to Jake and with great control Jake kicks the ball back to Cohen who is in clear space to turn and unfortunately has his attempt saved.

Cohen continues with his fight for the ball, he wins the ball but is blocked in defence. The pressure is starting to be applied but Colron are unfazed today and are cool as a cucumber.

Cohen plays his same corner pass to Jake, this time Jake takes a shot, but over the top it goes.

The whistle blows for half time and the boys are very happy and pleased with themselves as are Richard and Andy.

Second Half

The second half starts and Fisayo is off and Jacob is on. The game starts and Zac intercepts the ball with much of a similar flow as the first half. Zac to Cohen to Zac to Cohen to Zac to Jacob and its forced wide.

Zac then gets a throw in which is controlled by Jake before finding Zac’s feet again down the line and just wide.

Now for some more history to be made……

Cohen takes a corner landing at Jake’s feet, Jake takes a minute to really control and compose himself, he looks up and BOOM the ball as weaved in and out of the defence and its in the back of the net. Jake celebrates alongside the cheers from the parents. Well done Jake on your first Colron goal.

The ball then goes down into Colron’s end and Connor gets his first and only touch of the game from a wide ball. Connor takes his goal kick which goes to Zac R to Cohen and out wide.

The opposition change their tactics and all their players are in defence which encores a problem for a short while for the boys. There are many balls forced out by the other team leading to a repeated pattern of play of Jake throw in, to Zac, to Cohen to Zac and a clear again.
Jacob joins in the play with a pass from Jacob to Cohen to Zac and no where to go.

Zac R makes a tackle to force his favourite long runs but no goal, but a free kick is awarded. The enforcer takes the free kick, but a wall of defence meets the ball.

The ball is back in play and Jacob takes on a good tackle to get Cohen the ball, shot at target and a save is made.

The game ends with a clear from Jake and the boys live happily ever after…

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