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A Full House… (Colron Blues Match 1)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Sedgley
When 10:00am 13th October 2019
Where Saredon Road, Cheslyn Hay, Pitch 2
Colron Team Captain Jacob and Conner, Fisayo, Zac A and a debut for Zac R in goal

Game Summary

First Half

Another fresh aired stormy Sunday morning of football, with an extra hour in bed for some of the players they are ready and raring to go. The first game of the season with all 10 Colron Players.

The team starts with Captain Jacob and Conner, Fisayo, Zac A and a debut for Zac R is goal.

The game started in an end to end fashion with some good aspects of effective teamwork for Colron Blues passing well to one another.

Zak A started the game with strong determined runs up on the left-hand side and kept many stray balls in play.

Zak then took control of the ball and powered up the wing to take a shot at target, but just wide. Great effort Zak A.

Fisayo intercepted a throw in from the opposition to his chest and with great control followed the ball up the field towards goal but was meet by a brick wall of defenders.

Colron then received much pressure from Sedgley who had many fast-paced players on the field. A strong blast at goal saw Colron concede their first goal.

Zac and Conner then had a short decision and from what I gather was a mini team talk about how to intercept the ball as it enters their half.

This must have worked as the next ball in their end was intercepted and cleared powerfully by Conner. He supported Zac well in defence all half.

Jacob responded to Zac R goal kick and took on a long run up the field, to be tackled by a strong Sedgley defence. Jacob continued with a few more runs but for all his effort and will couldn’t get through on the occasions.

Fisayo continued to stand strong in mid field and with a cross from Conner battled through the strong wall to take a shot at goal, saved by the goalkeeper who past the ball quickly down the field and with the charging legs of Sedley the ball flew into the back of the net.

Colron’s Ball again and a save from Zac. Richard told Zac R to now aim for the goal and with a powerful kick which would have taken off anyone’s head in the way, the ball went just wide with a gasp from all at the side lines.

Jacob took on some more runs from intercepted balls to have a strong half of football.

Zak Ali then came into his own again with a determined fight for the ball and a strong impulse to pass to his team.

Zac R made a good clearance just before half time.

The Second Half brought on a new team Kyrie, Tyler, Cohen, still captained by Jacob and Jake in goal.

Tyler started the game with seamless energy and drive to fight for the ball. Tyler never shy’s away from a challenge and today was no difference. He immediately captured the ball from the opposition and turned to be faced by defenders, this did not faze him and he turned looked up and passed to Kyrie.

Kyrie with a smart new haircut and a new lease of passion for the game he was straight in battled to keep the ball and find a space to get through.

Second Half

The second half took on a new determination and even though Sedgley were as quick paced as the first half Colron fought for the ball and defended the game well.

Cohen defended the goal superbly from Sedgley attacks and on the few occasions the balls weren’t cleared, Jake cleared them with his strong kick.

Cohen had a few minutes of defence before the Kyrie and Tyler duo re-join forces to battle for the goal. Tyler made a snatch of the ball and quick ball to Kyrie to race to goal, unfortunately their defence was as good as Colron’s.

Jake took on some brave free kicks from our half to race back to goal.

The end of the game came with so many throw in’s for Colron as the pressure was getting to Sedgley who defended the balls by kicking them out wide.

We made our way down the field throw in after throw in until we were close to the corner flag, but still couldn’t get a look on goal.

Kyrie took on a brave and strong tackle to retrieve the ball before being awarded a free kick for a strong push in the back. Another chance on goal, still no luck.

The game ended with a clear from Jake which was so powerful knocked someone down.

The game is over, defeat on a miserable Sunday. A hard game, Sedgley were a good team. Well done Colron.

Match 2

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