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A Skilful Colron Blues showed up today

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Grace Academy
When 11am Sunday 3rd November 2019
Where Grace Academy Pitch 3
Colron Team Zac R, Zak A, Cohen, Fisayo, Jacob, Tyler, Ollie, Kyrie and “The Enforcer” Jake
Unable to Play Connor and Jacob (see you both next week)
Coaches Richard & Andy

Game Summary

First Half

Colron Blues are ready and waiting after a week’s rest for both players and parents. The pre match conversations sees Richard and Ollie have negotiating talks about Goalkeeping. The Autumn sun is shining, and I am gutted that I don’t have my shorts on today.

So the game begins with Ollie as Goalkeeper, Zac R on the right, Fisayo with his smart haircut on the left, Jake in defence and Cohen as Captain.

The game starts quick with most of the parents still walking over to the pitch. The ball is straight out, and Ollie gets his first touch of the game and with a tactical change the goal kicks are short balls out today, this finds Jake’s feet, a pass to Fisayo and a miss. Then a clear from Zac R as Brewood apply some pressure.

Zac then clearly learnt something at football camp this week and with a long run down the wing with magnificent control, crossed a superb ball to Cohen in the box, this was just wide. What fantastic teamwork is starting to shine through already in the opening half.

Fisayo turn now to portray some skills, especially holding his own on the wing to battle off many players and keep control of the ball.

Unfortunately, when 4 players create a wall the ball is not going anywhere now, however amazing skill.

Zac takes on another long run after intercepting the ball, confusing the team with his turn and off he goes, he passes, gets into position again a cross back to his feet, he shoots and what a save by the goalkeeper.

A quick kick by Brewood goalkeeper and their team are off up the field, a Brewood player is speeding up the centre, swings his leg with such force and blasts at the goal. Never underestimate the goalkeeping skills of Ollie and with one effortless punch of the ball it is cleared off a Brewood player for a goal kick.

A goal kick to Fisayo sees pressure applied from the other team and a clear from Jake.

Colron Blues are holding their positions well and look a united front on the field today.

Zac R then took on a few good tackles, something he normally would shy away from, to gain the ball back for his team. There are a few moments of pressure that see Cohen make some epic tackles all to our favour.

Fisayo takes a throw in and Zac R is reading the field well and breaks into some great spaces to receive the ball from his confident teammates. They continue to power at Brewood defence and receive a few corners. Brewood have an opportunity of a lucky through ball that lands at the player’s foot, one blast and it’s in the net. Colron Blues carry on with the same passion and drive as before.

Cohen then completes a well-executed powerful tackle that is deflected off a Brewood Player. A throw in from Fisayo marks half time.

Second Half

The second half setup is Kyrie in goal, Tyler, Zac R, Cohen and Zak A.

The second half sees determination in Colron Blues eyes to win the ball back at every single opportunity. The tackles start from Zak A who wins the ball and turns down the wing to have the ball forced out.

The ball makes it way to Kyrie in goal and is kicked away. Cohen then gets horrendously tackled but this does not faze our captain – he gets straight up for the free kick. Zac R takes the free kick which is down in our half. He lines it up, looks down at the ball and up at goal and as it is flying through the air, we all wait as the slow-motion ball is saved by the goalie, great effort Zac, so unlucky.

Cohen takes the corner and once again another near miss of the game, the ball is back in our half now and Cohen speeds down the field to power the ball back up the field to Zak A on the wing. Zak takes on all the team, tackling, twisting and turning. Tyler is on hand to clear the ball when it ended back down the field.
Tyler and Zac A work well as a team to intercept the ball and hold off the defence well. Zac A is tackled another free kick for Zac R. Zac once again in his true style blasted it at goal, their goalkeeper must have had a good breakfast today, what a save.

A few more corners from Cohen saw Colron Blues have much of the possession of the game. Zac R has a throw in to Zak A who turns on the ball, a short run and a shot, but another save.

Tyler takes on a charge at goal but wide this time and Zac R defences a free ball as a little pressure is applied. A save from Kyrie sees a short kick to Zac R who thinks why not try a blast from here and off it goes a millimetre off target.

Zak A has a good few more runs to get the ball down the wing, but unfortunately slipped as he was going to shoot.

The close of the game saw one last blast from Zac R but a miss, some days it’s just not your day.

An extremely unlucky defeat, all the players today have played out of their comfort zones and what a team they have been.

I wonder what the next game will bring………Find out here!

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