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And That’s a Wrap for 2019 (Colron Blues)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Timblemill
When 11:30am 8th December 2019
Where Cheslyn Hay, Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Cohen, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Connor, Kyrie
Absent Oliver and Zak A
Managers/Coach Richard and Andy
Weather Very windy

Game Summary

So, the conditions of pitch 1 are like being in the tropics compared to pitch 3.

First Half

The game starts Tyler as Goalkeeper, Kyrie on the right, Cohen central, Jake in defence and Connor on the left.
The game starts well and from the off you can see what an amazing, controlled team that Timblemill are and what a hard game we are about to face.

Jake starts off the game with a good kick to Fisayo which is just wide when it reaches the goal.

Tyler then puts all his goal keeping skills to the test and it’s a flurry of saves and some dynamic saves which leave the parents cheering his skills. The ball finally is forced away from Tyler to Fisayo for a wide miss.

Jake is under much pressure this game to avoid the ball getting by our goal and he makes some fabulous clearances.

Connor takes a throw in to Jake who decides to clear the ball to avoid the pressure that was being applied at some speed.

Kyrie then takes on a strong run and tackles the ball to claim possession for a short time.

Unfortunately, the pressure continues, and we go 1 down and then as soon as the ball is back in play the ball slips through to another goal down.

Kyrie tackles again to force the ball to Connor. The ball is forced out and a throw in for Connor.

Jake continues to defend well and takes a tumble with many of Timblemill player and a pile up resumes in the box. At least this takes away a few minutes of play for us.

The pressure continues Timblemill are faultless and we go down another goal.

Second Half

The second half starts with Cohen in goal, Jake in defence, Zac R on the right, Fisayo on the left and Jacob Central.

The half starts at a fast pace by Timblemill and the pressure is applied to Cohen straight away and like Tyler in the first half he put in a battle to save the many balls kicked at him. The balls would fly off Cohen before he made another save.

Another goal entered the back of the net. The kick off was quick by Jacob to Zac who tried his luck whilst they were off guide slightly but it went wide from the keeper deflection.

Cohen continues with some saves and gets a ball to Fisayo who makes a run but no luck.

Ball back towards Cohen and a power blast no one saw coming and another one down.

Jacob and Zac pass the ball to each other in centre before losing the ball due to Timblemill who are reading the game so well they knew Colron’s moves before Colron knew them.

Jake takes a brave risky tackle and Timbermill get a free kick. Colron stand strong in the wall and what looked like a clear goal opportunity it was a miss on this occasion. Cohen claims the ball and passes to Jake who tries to get to Zac but its intercepts and another power blast and another goal number 6.

Jacob takes the kick, to Zac who tries to chip it over the keeper but it’s saved.

Cohen makes another terrific save and a clear by Zac.

The pressure is applied again by Timblemill whose game play is incredible and its goal number 7.

Fisayo takes a run and the ball is wide.

The last few minutes of the game sees all the boys trying to intercept the ball and clear it away from danger, but the pressure and skill is relentless and goal number 8 goes in.

The end of the game sees a save from Cohen and a clear from Jake.

This was indeed a hard game. Colron you did battle as the game could have been double figures.

Player of the Match

The final score could have been a lot worse but Tyler and Cohen made a flurry of saves and Jake battling in defence awarding him the player of the match.

A Message to the Team

Have a lovely Christmas all and a happy New Year. Rest up and come back in 2020 with even more fight and determination and some new warm skins for the bitter Jan weather. Have a great time with all your friends and families.

Words from Richard

Thank you for all the boy’s commitment so far this season, and well done on the great improvement you have made over the last few months. It’s been a good start to the season. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

Next Match

5th Jan 2020 at 10:30am meet for 11:00am game against AFC Wolves at Cheslyn Hay.

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