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And Then There Were 6…

League Walsall Junior Youth League U7s
Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition West Brom All Stars
When Sunday 2nd February 2020
Where Cheslyn Hay, Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Tyler, Cohen, Jake, Jacob, Tommy, Oliver and Connor
Absent Fisayo and Kyrie
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

First Half

The second game of the match starts and the starting line up is Jacob in goal, then I must admit I really was confused by much of this game. Tommy started off the game in similar style with a strong challenge to make a skilful tackle, knowing that the game wouldn’t be easy and challenges were to be faced.

To clarify my point of confusion after a short time into the first half and with a lot of force being put on the players and a few goals already entering the back of the net, even though the Jacob made some good saves in between. It was noticed that Colron had 6 players on the field, something that confused the parents completely, (was this allowed ? why was this? etc…)

It was confirmed at the end of the game that this was allowed due to West Brom All Stars (all being academy players) and as they don’t have a goal keeper (the goalkeeper today was an outfield player) and for much of the game West Brom goalkeeper played the match out and not staying in goal made the game more fair in its approach.

So due to this confusion of 6 players I did make limited notes as I had no idea who was supposed to be on the field at this time lol. (Feel free for someone to take over my role!)

The first half saw us concede 4 goals (I only saw 3 go in, Tommy’s Dad clarified this score). Colron put in some strong tackles throughout the half with a great battle by Connor to gain possession for his team. Connor’s passion was soon passed on to his teammates who also tackled hard to stay in the game.

Zac then made a robust challenge and with control took on the run and kicks it in the back of the net. (Well done Zac, we heard at the end of the game that this is their only conceded goal this season).

Tommy took the next tackle, to Zac to Connor before half time is called.

The players regroup and after a team talk at half time Colron came out strong and as much as their heads could have been down, they weren’t.
Jake came out strong and composed to hold a strong defence supporting Jacob in goal. Jacob made a remarkable save at the start of the second half.

Tyler continued his quiet approach to tackling; the players have no idea he is coming sometimes. He sneaks up quick, makes his move and is off.

Jacob continues to make some saves and Zac makes a clear from the line before the ball is forced back and another goal is in.

Zac makes a force with Cohen and Jake to apply pressure from his corner pass on West Brom.

Zac tries to make it a second when his kick goes wide.

Second Half

The second half forces their goalkeeper to stay in his goal for a while, we hold more possession but just can’t make it flow. There are too many bodies in the box to make much impact. We are awarded many throw ins. Tommy gets stuck in in centre against much of opposite team. Well done Tommy great drive and determination.

The ball is back in our end for Jake to make a clean interception which he passes to Zac who controls and blasts forward and another save.

Tommy helps Zac out with a strong tackle and good clearance.

The ball is forced back for a save by Jacob, to Jake, to Tommy and then Cohen before Cohen is forced out of play.

Tyler keeps his play strong along the wing.

The end of the game sees 2 more goals for West Brom.

West Brom all stars were a strong team, Colron the second half particularly demonstrated a good performance.

Player of the Match

Player of the Match goes to Tyler for your consistent approach in your game and always in space. I had already decided Tyler as I was entering the pitches to tell the boys when Zac runs up to me and whispers in my ear Tyler was the best. So, Player of the match by parents and team 😊. Well done Tyler.

See you all next week Sunday 9th February. Hope your all fixed for next week Fisayo.

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