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Barbados Diaries – Day 1

By James Herron


So, after 12 months of planning today was the day and at 11am on Saturday morning Walmley CC started its first ever overseas tour – our U17s departed Gatwick and were on their way to Barbados.

Of course, it’s never plain sailing – a lost passport in the departures lounge caused a momentary panic, the England demolition of NZ was the exact opposite and Sam decided to reenact “Let’s Get Physical”, but 9 hours later we landed in Barbados and very quickly we were starting to appreciate the Caribbean way of doing things. It’s quite like the Irish way that I know so well – but with 30 degree heat! Calum Shackleford settled into this way of life quicker than most – by falling asleep on the plane before we had even taken off!

The evening has been a quiet one – a meal at a local restaurant, the chance for Jacob to (again) share his entrepreneurial skills (he will be fired before the end of the week – won’t make the interview episode!), the search for our deputy wicket-keeper goes on and for a couple of locals to realise Walmley CC wasn’t Walmley Community Church, but we were here to play cricket!

Sunday is a day on a catamaran around the island, swimming off the coast – we will get to the cricket after a bit more acclimatisation!

Day 2

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