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Barbados Diaries – Day 2

By James Herron

Day 1

It was really nice of the locals to put on a bit of a party for us on our first night in Barbados – shame we weren’t invited and it was still going strong at 2am. That said, most of the lads actually slept through it!

Watching the sunrise at 5.30am was certainly a benefit of jet lag, as was the 6am swim and joined by a number of the lads! Today was the chance to spend the day at sea – a trip on a catamaran around the island, snorkelling and seeing wonderful marine life including turtles. A chance for the lads to show off their diving and tricks off the side of the boat – Max was our Tom Daley, Sam W was our Arfur Daley! The lads also looked to future Love Island auditions as the picture shows – but now a few of them are rather red! The day then finished with a couple of jet skis and chance to show their skills….unless you are Callum and Dan who both did their best impressions of “Driving Miss Daisy”! The chats even turned to cricket a few times today – our pace bowlers wondering how they are going to bowl spells in this heat, fielders wanting to know how often drinks break will be and Clark telling everyone that would listen he fancied a few runs this week …we shall see!

A personal highlight for me were a couple of signs – Rhiannon Drive and as the photo shows “danger of falling coconuts.” You won’t see either of those around our very own Eldon Drive!

A great day, great spirit between the lads with tomorrow bringing an off-road jeep safari and a trip to Bridgetown and the Kensington Oval – in readiness for our first tour game on Tuesday which will see us play on consecutive days through to the end of the week.

Day 3

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