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Barbados Diaries – Day 6

By James Herron

Day 5

What do you call a cricket tour when there is no cricket game? Answer…well I will leave that to you. Waking up this morning to the remnants of those Martin Sheen and Bruce Willis movies we knew it was only a matter of time before the call was coming…and sure enough at 9am the call came from Instonians CC to say their pitch was flooded and there was no chance of a game. It felt just just like a summer Saturday back at home unfortunately!

So, the question in these times is, “How on earth do you fill a blog?” Well, I could write about Gareth Bevan’s birthday or parents taking the opportunity to have a day to themselves or the sightings of Michael Vaughan and David Platt or the whistling frogs that fill the night noise with a sound like no other or the fact that every house seems to have the same barking guard dog or even the fact that one of our travelling party accidentally threw their room key onto a roof which set off a chain of events that The Krypton Factor would have been proud of with a stellar recovery from one of our other party with the help of a chair, a bat and a good old fashioned leg up! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

However, all of that is just noise. What did the lads do on an unexpected day off – they lazed by the pool, they played cards, they played one hand one bounce, they ran for cover when the next monsoon started and that only took us to lunchtime! This was followed by a trip to that high end Bajan eating establishment known as Burger King and was then followed by some bespoke water activities on the back of a boat as the pictures hopefully do justice. To have the pleasure of sitting at the back of said boat, watching these lads hold on for dear life only to be tossed into the sea at the whim of the captain was a joy to behold! What was that comment I had put in an early blog about sadism? Yep, I hold my hands up and was willing them to be ejected – and they certainly were – once, twice, three times or more!

Not the day we wanted, but as the lads know I have many sayings (well, they think I talk a load of …) and it was appropriate to use one today, “Worry about the things you can control, don’t worry about the things you can’t”. I think we did just that and made the most of it – I trust the lads would agree as to see their faces laughing, smiling, joking…and grimacing as they did their absolute best to stay on terra firma or at least an inflatable equivalent suggested to me they were absolutely loving the experience. Today was a good day – and you now know the answer to the opening question.

Tomorrow the tour starts to wind to a close. We play Queens College in 2 x T20’s (weather permitting – forecast not great) before a night at Oistins where the whole island apparently comes together to eat, drink and enjoy themselves every Friday. Seems like a perfect way to spend our last night on this wonderful island.

If you’ve read to the bottom of this blog you’ve done well – thanks for sticking with it!

Day 7

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