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Code of Conduct for Youth Players

It is important that everybody who is involved in youth sport, playing or coaching abide by the Codes of Conduct to make playing sport at Walmley Cricket and Sports Club a fun and enjoyable experience.

As a player and representative of Walmley Cricket and Sports Club, there is an expectation that all members of the Club conduct themselves in a respectable manner to enhance their own reputation and that of the Club.

Code of Conduct for Youth Players

As a member of Walmley Cricket and Sports Club as a Youth player I will:

  • Respect my team mates, coaches and the opposition
  • Always train hard to improve my game and reach my full potential
  • Play to win within the Laws and Spirit of the game
  • Always encourage and support my teammates especially when the going gets tough
  • Demonstrate a sporting attitude at all times by appreciating good play from both sides
  • Accept the Officials’ decision (right or wrong) and not show any form of dissent
  • Show good sportsmanship by clapping off the opposition at the end of the game and shaking hands (win, lose or draw)
  • Inform the Club Welfare Team if there is anything at the Club that is preventing me from having fun and enjoying playing sport
  • Not take part in any form of bullying in person or on social media

Last updated 11 March 2020