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Code of Conduct for Photography, Filming and Social Media Broadcasting

Walmley Cricket and Sports Club is keen to promote positive images of children playing sport and is not preventing the use of photographic or videoing equipment. For the avoidance of doubt, these guidelines also apply to live broadcasts on social media or other platforms.

1. Photographs/images are not to be taken at matches or training without the prior permission of the parents/carers of the child. This permission can be given by proxy by the coach of each team only after parental consent for this has been granted. The coach must arrange this prior to attending matches. For football, permission must be granted by the managers of both teams prior to kick-off.

2. If no consent has been given for a child on the player profile form, then it is to be made known to the relevant person of the other team (e.g. coach/team manager) so the appropriate person/s taking photographs for the other team is/are aware and can avoid taking photographs of that particular child.

3. The children should be informed a person will be taking photographs

4. The children should be informed that if they have concerns they can report these to the coach or team manager.

5. Concerns regarding inappropriate, or intrusive, photography should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer and recorded in the same manner as any other child protection or safeguarding concern.

Use of images of children (for example on the web, in the media or in league handbooks), including broadcast on social media platforms:

1. Ask for parental permission to use the child’s image and, wherever possible, show the image to the parents and child in advance. This ensures that they are aware of the way the image will be used to represent the sport and the club.

2. Ask for the child’s permission to use their image. This ensures they are aware of the way the image is to be used to represent the sport and the club.

3. If the player is named, avoid using their photograph.

4. If a photograph is used, avoid naming the child.

5. Only use images of children in appropriate kit (training or competition), to reduce the risk of inappropriate use, and to provide positive images of the children.

6. Encourage the reporting of inappropriate use of images of children. If you are concerned, report your concerns to the Club Welfare Officer or the County Welfare Officer.

Video as A Coaching Aid

Using video as a coaching aid:

The use of video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid is permitted. However, players and parents/carers will be aware that this is part of the coaching programme, and material taken in connection with coaching, will be stored securely and deleted or destroyed when a parent requests this, or when the material is no longer needed.

All parents/carers and children must provide written consent for the use of photography and video analysis.

Last updated 11 March 2020