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Colron Blues Face Tough Opposition Ace FC Benfica

Team Colron U7 Blues
Opposition Ace FC Benfica
When 11am Sunday 12th January 2020
Where Cheslyn Hay Pitch 3
Colron Team Zac R, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Cohen, Tommy, Kyrie, Oliver
Absent Connor
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

Welcome Tommy and his family to Colron Blues.

First Half

The Sunday morning rain has cleared to make way for a better Sunday morning of football (still very windy). The team starts Tommy, Zac, Jake, Tyler and Cohen in goal.

Zac kicks off and Tyler gets the ball and applies much pressure to force the ball out. Zac takes on a player and tackles to pass the ball to Tommy. The boys are listening well to instructions and applying some pressure to the opposition.

Jake defends well and the ball is played to Tommy, before the ball is forced back to the goal for Cohen to save. Cohen takes a short ball to Jake and a pass to Tyler which is intercepted by the other team before Zac tackles for the ball back but not for long before Ace make a powerful blast at goal and a superb save by Cohen.

We welcome Richard to the match.

The pressure from Ace is upped now and Jake makes a strong tackle, loses a shin pad but unfortunately a penalty is awarded, and they score.

Tommy is back in play and makes a short run before being stopped and the ball is forced back to Cohen for another great save through punching the ball away, Jake makes a clear and it’s forced back and Cohen makes a clearance.

Now I am not sure what happened next, but Zac receives the ball and I am not sure if he tried to clear or it was a miss kick but in spectacular fashion Zac manages to score a great goal unfortunately in the wrong goal.
At this point I think Zac may be getting a bribe by ACE as he manages to give away a free kick from a hand ball, lucky this shot is forced wide.

Ace are back on it and another goal due to no marking by Colron.

Jake and Tyler work together to get the ball moving but before we know it it’s a fourth.

Tommy and Zac now make a move up the pitch and again are forced back down to goal and it’s a fifth.

The boys refocus and Jake does what he does best and makes a good clearance.

Zac finally remembers his legs work at a super pace and flies up the pitch but it’s a save.

Zac makes a good pass to Tommy; Tommy tries to make his way through but is blocked.

Cohen makes a good clearance and a final kick from Zac sparks half time.

Second Half

The second half sees Cohen in goal, Kyrie, Fisayo, Ollie and Jacob.

The game starts well with some good passing. Kyrie handles the ball well makes a turn and forces the ball to Ollie, the ball is passed to Fisayo and he sees off a defender with a clean challenge, before the ball is forced out.

Kyrie takes an array of throw ins for Colron for the next few moments, before the ball makes its way toward Cohen who makes a great save, the ball is pushed out and another attempt sees Cohen gets his fingers to it but it’s in and that’s number 6.

Fisayo has receives the ball now and trying to stop the opposing sides pressure but it’s too much and the ball is blasted into the net and that’s 7.

Kyrie takes on good skill now trying to get the ball up the field by forcing the other team to take the ball into their half, the ball is forced out and Kyrie gets the throw in.

Fisayo gets the ball and kicks to Jacob and back to Fisayo there are too many players and Fisayo losses the ball but not for long as Jacob takes a throw in to Fisayo. Ollie gets involved and receives the ball from Fisayo, then passes to Jacob who gets shockingly pushes over in front of the referee who lets the play carry on not in our favour.

Cohen makes a save and forces the ball out. Kyrie under pressure makes a good clearance.

Now the next few moments are all down to Zoey who put into the universe that it will be 10-0 and bang bang bang it is.

And thankfully the whistle blew for full time. I would just like to state how impressive Cohen was in goal today and even though many went in, it could have been 20. He was tremendous in his saving ability.

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