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Colron Blues Fight On Against Walsall Wood Pumas

Team Colron U7 Blues
Opposition Walsall Wood Pumas
When 12 noon Sunday 12th January 2020
Where Cheslyn Hay Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Cohen, Tommy, Kyrie, Oliver
Absent Connor
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

First Half

So, the second game begins, and the wind is fiercer. The starting team is Kyrie, Ollie, Jake and Tyler and Tommy in goal.

Jake makes a pass to Tyler and Tyler applies some pressure and with a great run makes his way to goal, with a fight in the box the ball is out.
The ball is soon back in Colron’s half and with many eager players in the box we are 1-0 down.

After a little bit of decision-making, Jake takes the goal kick which starts a good flurry of passes from Jake to Tyler to Jake to Ollie the ball is forced out and Kyrie gets a throw in.

Kyrie’s throw in reaches Ollie who make a good control turn towards goal, the ball is taken from him, but Ollie doesn’t stop and gets the ball back from a great tackle.

Tyler supports Ollie with the pressure building from Walsall and makes an excellent clearance.

Jake defends well again and with support from Kyrie makes some excellent clearances to keep the pumas at bay.

Tommy holds his nerve in goal and forces some balls out of play.

Second Half

The second half sees Zac, Fisayo, Jacob, and Cohen with Tommy in goal.
Jacob starts the game and gets the ball to Cohen igniting his battle mode down the wing to apply much tension to the Pumas. Cohen’s ball is forced to a corner to the Pumas. They take it quick and short and Zac recognising this tactic makes a huge clearance down the field.

When the ball comes back up the field Zac tries his luck at a long kick but it’s wide.

The ball is back on the field in no time giving Tommy an opportunity for a great save.

Fisayo is down the field and can’t get to the goal so goes wide and makes a turn unfortunately losing the ball on his next touch.

Tommy makes another save, this time a goal from a deflection. Jacob and Zac swap positions.

Fisayo makes a kick but no one to respond.

Tommy comes back with another great save, the ball is back to Fisayo who kicks to Cohen and another battle on his hands get the ball to Zac and he is off and a long run looking up for his team mate and crosses to Fisayo.

Fisayo takes a touch but it’s wide.

Fisayo intercepts the ball and is back to goal and it’s wide again.
Cohen and Zac try hard after passing the ball to one another to get it down the field but no luck.

Cohen takes a corner to Jacob who makes a turn but it’s wide.

Goal kick from Tommy and Zac and Fiasyo are trying to be the united front we have seen all of last year but it’s not happening the ball isn’t going any further.

Zac takes a throw in Fisayo receives well, back to Zac to Cohen who is under pressure and Zac makes the clearance.

The ball is back in play and it’s goal 3.

And it’s full time. Maybe, next week I can report on some goals from Colron.

Player of the Week

Player of the week goes to Kyrie well done, great fighting spirit and consistency. Great games, Kyrie.

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