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Colron Blues vs Bustleholme Tigers

Sunday 18th October 2020 – Match 2
Colron Blues vs Bustleholme Tigers
Pitch 1 – Grace Academy
Kick Off – 10:50 am
Team – Zac, Jake, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry and Tommy (Zac injured)
Coach/Manager – Richard & Craig
Absent – Tyler, Cohen and Andy

The first half sees Colron a little out of sorts and 5 goals conceded in the first half didn’t do much for
confidence. Bustleholme Tigers were a strong team with players who threw balls in the back of the
net from halfway line.

However, it was not always in the Tigers favour and Jake the enforcer moved back into defence as
Zac sat out watching his team. Jake forced some balls clear or passed them back up field to meet
Harry’s feet and very early on when only one goal down, Harry took an impressive run and the ball is
just wide. Again, Jake took a ball to Harry, but Harry is blocked by there defender who could have
easily played for under 10’s.

Tommy gets into the game and makes a perfect play to Harry who found great space and it is saved.
Tommy plays a ball well to Jake, Jake makes a long play but unfortunately a bit to long for Harry.
Jake stands strong in defence and makes good moves to Harry, but he is always blocked by a tiger.
Owen regains the ball on occasions to make some strong turns but again the Tigers are there waiting
to pounce.

Tommy continue to battle and battle. It is half time.

Second Half

Colron come back on the field as a united team for the second half.

The second half is much like the first and another 4 goals are conceded. However, this half the boys
have more passion and determination to win that ball back. They are not fearful in tackling for the
ball and Harry starts the half off with a clear strong interception of the ball.
Tommy’s battling and running pays off and a fantastic ball is scored and very well deserved. Tommy,
great control and took your time.

Tommy carried on his battle and worked down the line and in defence. Harry also carried on like
Tommy and fought strong and didn’t make it easy for the Tigers.

Jacob made some saves in the second half to support his team in their battle.

Owen took in words from Richard and Craig and got stuck into the game and tackled.

Harry made a seamless tackle and took on a run, a play forced his shot wide and so it hit the side
netting. Brave tackle and great play Harry.

Tommy and Harry and Owen tried as the might to get the ball back and make the passes but today
the Tigers were robust.

The ending to the game saw a foul on Owen and a free kick from Harry goes wide.

The captain hops on the field to cheer the Tigers efforts and Richard carries him off for a trip to A
and E.

Player of The Match

Player of the match goes to Tommy for battling in each and every game and an epic goal today.

Have a great Half Term all.

Next Game

Sunday 1st November – TBC.

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