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Colron Blues vs Sutton Utd Panthers

Sunday 18th October 2020 – Match 1
Colron Blues vs Sutton Utd Panthers
Pitch 2 – Grace Academy
Kick Off – 10:20 am
Team – Zac, Jake, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry and Tommy
Coach/Manager – Richard & Craig
Absent – Tyler, Cohen and Andy

First Half

After being locked up for a few weeks the boys were raring to go. The team started Jacob, Zac, Harry,
Owen and Jake.

The game started off strong and was extremely fast paced from the start till the end. Zac stood
sturdy in defence as the ball made it to his feet many times at the start, he made good clearance and
clean tackles to keep the ball in Colron’s ownership. Zac made a superb play down the field (I think
looking for a pass to his teammate, but it made it all the way to the goal keepers’ hands and not goal

Zac continued to win back the ball as the game was end to end and made a smooth pass to Jake,
Jake to Owen, Owen ball was forced wide by the panthers but great play and passing of the ball.
The game continues in the same fashion for the first half where Sutton Utd Panthers plays are
intercepted by a robust defence and play is turned back up the field quickly. Jake to Harry and it is
forced out again.

The balls pass defence on this occasion and 2 consecutive saves by Jacob sees Colron united as a
team. Harry makes an epic run to defend a ball in our box, get determination Harry.

A few goal kicks in a row saw the set play of Jacob, Zac to Jake to Owen. Just met by a field of strong
panthers to stop the play, possibly also a little foot to trip Owen in his great run at goal. Jake reclaims
the ball though and it then forced out for Colron.

Play continues and a tackle in mid field sees Jake awarded a free kick, he takes it quick and Owen
gets a touch on the play, back to a Jake who has raced by the field but no look.

Zac takes an interception with a huge space in front, takes a long run down the wing and is closed
down by the panthers he takes a touch and chips a ball into the area but unfortunately it’s a panther
ball and not ours again.

Pressure is back on Colron, Jake makes some good clearances, Jacob clears of the line and it is a
corner for Panthers. The ball is played in and cleared down field by Zac.

Jake takes a fast-long throw in down the line, Harry keeps the ball in play with fast feet and a unique
turn sees Harry get close to goal a strong ball at goal sees the ball just wide. Excellent play Harry.

Set play from Jacob to Zac and a clean ball through to Owen sees him forced out by the panthers’
defence. Owen well done for always battling hard.

Jake makes another strong throw into Harry, who battles strong to the goal and gets 2 shots on
target saved.

Harry keeps up his determination with excellent challenges for the ball and Jake throws in a few
headers of the ball.

Zac takes a run just before half time and is blocked crossing the ball to Owen who himself is closed
down also.

Half Time.

Second Half

Second half sees Tommy on for Owen.

Second half is just as quick as the first with both teams eager to score. The play is end to end.
Zac plays a ball to Jake who makes a short move forward before crossing to Harry. Harry is clear to
goal, but a tackle stops his move.

The panthers are in our area for what seems like ages, and Colron can just manage to clear the ball
for corner after corner. After several corners and a noticeably short and quick corner. The panthers

Jake and Harry continue their passing to each other, but Panthers have stepped up their defensive
wall. Zac continues to clear the ball as the play gets into our area, making some commendable
tackles to regain possession. Jake also followed suit and battled for strong for some balls.
Panthers score a second.

Harry makes a short ball to Zac, which puts panthers off guard and Zac takes a run and chips to
Tommy. Tommy as ever battles to the end but no goal this time. The ball is soon back to an eager
Tommy from Zac and Tommy is forced out not before ensuring the ball comes off their player.
Jake takes the throw in and Tommy gets the ball again and battles and battles, a shot is saved but
back in play, Tommy tries again but the panthers have him surrounded. Epic performance Tommy.
Tommy skill does not stop there he races back down field all the way to our area to defend a ball that
was going to goal.

A corner ball sees Panthers get a third.

Panthers are buzzing now and with another goal in mind, they take on a strong run, Zac holds his
ground and tackles unfortunately neither player gets the ball, but each other’s foot. That sees Zac
down and out for the rest of the game and day, a trip to A and E it is.

Zac off Owen on, Jake in defence.

I miss a few minutes now apologies.

Tommy gets fouled and a free kick is awarded. Harry steps up and its top bins great goal Harry.
End of the game.

A real fast paced game, Colron you should be proud you played well.

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