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Cricket Small Groups – COVID-19 Information for Parents, Players and Coaches

Training will take place at Eldon Drive, B76 1LT.

Training Information

  • Symptomatic Players or Parents: Any player/parent/carer who is symptomatic or living in a household with someone who has possible or confirmed COVID-19 is to stay at home.
  • Travelling: Only parents/players from the same household are to travel together in the same car.
  • Toilets: The Club house will be closed, with access to toilets only with only one player at a time.
  • Sanitizer: Hand wipes/hand sanitizer is available outside the nets.
  • Hands: All players entering the nets should use the hand sanitizer available.
  • No spit/sweat: Players should not use any bodily fluids (no spit/sweat) to shine the cricket ball at any time.
  • Water bottles: Players must have their own labelled water bottles – no sharing.
  • Equipment: All equipment used must be adequately cleaned after training – by coach.
  • Ball: Where possible players to bring their own ball. Depending which age group they are in: a cricket ball or tennis/wind ball
  • Training Nights: Training is being held over 3 nights to stagger groups as much as possible.
  • Session Length: Training sessions will be maximum 60 minutes
  • Parents: Parents must not congregate and must stay 2 metres apart from each other at all times.
  • Arrival: On arrival players must report to the front of the clubhouse keeping 2 metres from other players. Coaches will be present to take registers.
  • No playing: On arrival players must wait outside the clubhouse and not be playing cricket etc.
  • Physical Contact: No physical contact between players and/or coaches – 2 metre distancing applies.
  • First Aid: There will be an allocated first aider for each training day. They are the only person that day to carry out first aid.