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Cup Day for Walmley Colron U8 Blues

Sunday 25th April 2021- Cup Game

Pitch 3

Kick Off 9am (Group C2)

Walmley Colron Blues vs Wyrley Jnr Tigers

Team: Zac, Cohen, Harry, Jake, Jacob, Tommy, Tyler, Owen

Manager/Coach: Richard and Andy

First Half

A freezing morning back at Grace Academy the game starts with the team of Jacob, Zac, Tyler, Jake and Harry.

Harry starts the game with much possession in Colron’s favour and some expert passing between Harry and Tyler to continue the pressure on the Tigers. The game is an array of throw ins and corners between the duo of Harry and Tyler and an early chip by Harry sees the ball wide of goal.

It is not long before the whole team are in the mix and a smooth ball down the line connects to Jake who makes a short play forward before crossing to Harry, just wide. The battle for the ball is still on and Harry forces the ball out of play for a Colron throw in. Tigers gain possession and Jacob makes a clear for a corner ball and then a save by Jacob (great save).

Jake makes a throw into Harry and it’s back down the field. Zac takes a tackle well and sees the space and off he goes, outwitting the tigers and makes a cross, just wide of goal.

Jake takes a throw in and connects to Harry, but needs to make up some ground to help Harry out, Jake is blocked, this does not deter the situation and he runs and runs, makes a nibble turn to cross to Harry, just a little wide for Harry to reach never the less exceptional play.

Tyler makes a quick throw in and the ball deflects wide from Jake.

Jake is determined to score today and a solid run down the wing, around the Tigers only allows for one outcome and thars a powerful ball right into the back of the net. Not to be out done Harry follows Jake’s excellent play and fires in a shot which is epically saved.

Tyler is waiting and supporting the wing well, unfortunately the play is currently all the left-hand side of the pitch.

Zac makes a clean challenge to regain possession thinks about his play and a move to Harry sees a play up field and a cross to Jake, boom and its too.

Jake makes a pass to Tyler before half time, who is in great space and it’s just wide.

Passing and space in the first half was a pleasure to watch.

Second Half

Second half sees Tommy, Zac, Cohen, Jacob and Owen

Cohen is eager to start and makes quick moves up field and early passes sees unlucky connections in the box. Tommy retreats to defend the goal was the Tigers come out stronger in the second half.

Zac’s run sees a clean cross to Cohen who is blocked by a Tiger, undeterred he makes a run and a pass to Owen who is wide.

Tommy back to strong challenges sees a ball into Cohen and back to Tommy before the ball is out of play. Zac takes the throw in and connects to Owen who is blocked by Tigers.

Cohen takes on a tackle to get the ball to Tommy who is forced out by a Tiger, but lucky its our throw in. Zac takes the throw-in delivering it to Tommy and its wide for a goal kick.

Pressure is applied to Colron and strong play in the box, the ball is blasted at goal and saved by Jacob eye which leaves a great assist to Zac who fly’s up field and bang but what a save by there goal keeper. Jacob goes off, very brave as an immensely powerful ball to the eye. Harry on. Owen is in goal.

Colron continue with an array of beautiful plays and passes across the whole field, controlling the ball well, knowing where their teammate is. Zac makes a run up field and hinds Cohen, unlucky no goal.

Tommy ends the game with some string tackles and smooth ball to Harry and Cohen who just could not connect the finish.

The game ends with a ball wide for Cohen and Harry.

Well done boys. First Cup Game win. Let’s see what game the next game brings.

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