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Cup Game: Walmley Colron U8 Blues vs Lodge Farm Jaguars

16/05/2021 10:10am at Grace Academy, Pitch 2,
Cup Game
Team: Zac, Tyler, Tommy, Cohen, Harry, Jake, Owen and Jacob
Manager and Coach: Richard and Andy

First Half

Another Sunday morning in Darleston and a cup game for Walmley Colron Blues, I was slightly late making
notes and a few interesting decisions sees the Blues go down by 1 from a questionable corner.
This gives Colron fire in their belly’s and they attack, Zac makes a play to Harry, Harry connects but is
run out of play and then Harry is blocked on the field by an adult on the pitch and when Harry
regains possession there is to much pressure from a prowl of jaguars in the box.

Jacob gains possession and a pass to Zac sees a clean ball to Harry who again is blocked in his play.
Zac regains possession and a slight tackle sees Zac on the floor, but he still has his eyes on the ball
and makes a pass to Harry whilst seated on the pitch. Harry plays the ball back to Zac who is now on
his feet and a ball to Jake sees a corner given to Colron.

A corner in from Jake sees a well placed long shot from Zac which is over, unlucky ball Zac.
Unfazed they continue to play as a team and make connecting plays. The pressure pays off and a ball
from Zac to Jake and into Harry sees a goal for Colron.

Zac and Owen join forces and an excellent play from Owen sees great intercepting of the ball and
smooth tackles when the pressure is applied great work Owen.

Owen and Jake are off and Tommy and Cohen are on.
Cohen powers through from the off and a ball to Harry, sees the play just wide of goal.

Tommy again a force to be reckoned with, defended with an extremely well-placed tackle to regain
possession very much up field. He makes a cross to Zac and a clean pass connects to Cohen and a
superb ball to Tommy, sees the ball and Tommy’s quick feet move across goal and a cross in by
Tommy, sees the end result as a goal, the excellent play deflected from a jaguar but great effort
Tommy your play was terrific.
Tommy continues with his great challenges and forces a few balls out for a Colron advantage. Cohen
and his twinkle toes battle through, around and around some players and a kick sees the shot on
target blocked.

Half time.

Second Half

The second half sees Cohen, Harry, Tommy, Zac and Jacob.

The game sees a corner very much from the opening play and a tactical move from Cohen sees a
short ball from Zac and sees another long shot which again is too high.

Zac then makes a great assist to Tommy who powers through up field and a well-executed strike sees
Tommy on the score sheet.

There is a short period of much pressure in the Colron box and Harry gets the ball out finally to make
a clear run and the ball is wide.

Tommy off and Tyler on.

Cohen is applying pressure to all the Jaguars and they cannot keep up with his speed.
Tyler is forcing good pressure and making a good impact on the wing. Zac takes another shot and its

Cohen is off and Jake on.

Jake puts on the pressure, forces the ball to Zac, Zac holds his nerve and takes on a few players
before connecting to Harry who makes a great run, ball is saved but deflected, Second attempt sees
the reward for his effort made.

Harry off and Owen on.

Owen makes good impact from the start applying force on the Jaguars. Tyler continues from Owen
and phenomenal play is witnessed by Tyler along the line, Tyler continues to battle, and Jake takes
over the fight.

Jacob makes a play to Zac, Zac to Jake and Jake is tackled for a corner ball. Jake takes the corner
quickly to Zac and a controlled ball sees a great save by the goalkeeper. Zac is still fighting for a goal
and another long run sees the ball over.

Jacob makes a good save and a quick ball to Tyler sees a good connecting move to Zac and a heroic
run from Jake sees him keep the ball in play, just to lose it on the cross through an interception.
Tyler continues to battle on to get the ball back and a small touch on the ball sees Tyler very
unluckily run out of play.

Zac makes an epic defending move in the last minute to fight off the last-minute pressure.
Unfortunately, his long run sees no more goals scored.

Truly magnificent game boys, a great watch and well done in getting to the quarter finals. Which
will be with your shortly…match report here!

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