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Determination Right to the End for Colron Blues (Match 2)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Walsall Phoenix Eagles
When 11am Sunday 8th March 2020
Where Grace Academy, Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Tommy, Cohen, Harry
Absent Connor
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

Second game of the day starts with a team of Fisayo, Zac, Tommy, Harry and the enforcer Jake in goal.

First Half

Fisayo starts the game well and is happy to be back running on the pitch.
The Eagles like the Titans are a strong team with lots of energy and skill. The Eagles start the pressure straight on Jake who makes a clean save.

Jake gets the ball to Harry who makes a dash up the wing but the Eagles play us at our own tactics of forcing the player out and the ball out of play, lucky the ball deflects off a Titan and it’s our ball. Zac takes the throw in but it bounces off a titan and it’s a corner for us. Harry takes the corner and it slides past the front of goal.

The goal kick clears the other side of the pitch but Zac is there and with much will and determination makes his way up the field with many players applying pressure, he turns, makes short runs and is getting closer to the box and makes a clean pass to Harry in the box as a player takes Zac out causing him to create a back flip/backwards gambol off the pitch, after a few tears and a pain in his head he is determined not to be benched and off he goes.

Colron display some fluent runs for the next few minutes. Jake makes a good save and skill is developing with their goal moves Jake to Zac to Fisayo but it is wide.

Zac gets the ball and takes a blast, which would have taken the goalkeeper out if connected but it goes wide.

Tommy’s turn in defence and he steps up to the ask and makes a clean tackle for Jake to save.

Fisayo receives the ball and passes to Harry who is blocked by a wall of Eagles. Eagles intercept but Jake is there to force the clearance and Tommy has the ball back in play, Tommy passes to Zac who looks up for Harry who is blocked.

Ball is back in Eagles play and Jake continues his save and fluent goal kick to Zac who ignites a long ball to Fisayo but just a bit too long even for Fisayo’s quick legs.

Zac is experiencing some pressure now but gets the ball to Fisayo who makes a clearance. The ball is back with Jake in a blink of an eye, however this time the short ball to Zac and the long ball to Fisayo works and Fisayo is on his way to goal but a small slip sees Fisayo off balance and the ball saved.

Second Half

Team starts Fisayo, Cohen, Tyler, Jacob, and Jake.

Fisayo applies pressure from the start and unites with Cohen to get the play more Colron sided. Cohen tackles just as well as the first game and see a few of Eagles of guard.

Tyler follows Cohen’s suit and comes to the ball to create a force against the Eagles.

Ball is in Eagles’ play for a while with a corner causing much pressure, but Jake makes a good save.

It’s now a corner for Jacob to Fisayo but a sea of Eagles await him.

The pressure is mounting in the box and Fisayo makes a good clear for the ball to rebound back into the box for Jake to block. Jake blasts the ball back out of goal, Fisayo gets the ball but just can’t get out to play the ball.

The ball is back to the Eagles and Cohen continues to apply pressure on the defence. Tyler tackles well. The pressure is mounting, and the ball is in for the Eagles.

Fisayo starts the game again and Zac is on for Jacob.

Zac plays a throw in but it’s intercepted and the Eagles are on the prowl towards goal, Jake is strong and brave waiting patiently for his prey. He saves the goal in another gymnastic move of the day with save and a side roll down the field.

Fisayo is awarded a free kick after an Eagles handball. Great effort but it was forced out wide.

The next few moments saw Tyler make great defensive moves. Well done.

Fisayo is off for Harry.

The last few moments saw runs by Cohen, Harry and Zac to show such determination right until the end. What a great performance Colron Blues.

Player of the Week

Player of the week is awarded to Jake for his strong performance in both games. Excellent defensive skills displayed awarded by Harry’s Dad.

See you all next week, Sunday 15th March, for cup final games at Grace Academy.

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