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Double Win for Colron U8s Blues

Sunday 1st November 2020

Match 1: Colron Blues Vs FC Premier

Pitch 4 – Willenhall Goals
Kick Off- 9am
Team – Zac, Jake, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry, Tyler, Cohen and Tommy
Coach/Manager – Richard/Craig
Absent – None

First Half

At the new venue, the starting team is Zac, Harry, Cohen, Jacob, and Tommy. The weather does not reflect the boys spirits – they are excited and ready to play. On the ball from the minute the whistle goes and it’s not long before Harry makes a fantastic run and boom it is in the goal!

Zac not long after intercepts a ball and a short run forward sees a cross to Cohen, his lightning feet take him forward and it is another goal!

Zac makes another clean tackle and a move to Tommy sees Tommy make good ground up the field and slides the ball to Cohen for another superb finish.

Zac started play again with a throw in which landed well for Harry, who made a quick pass back to Zac and another ball into Cohen this one was forced out for a corner.

A bit of pressure for the boys now but Zac and Cohen stood strong with the tackles and forced balls off the opposition.

Short pressure continues and Tommy is there to defend the play in the box, he fights strong and clears the ball down the wing (Excellent play Tommy, the ball was very close to a goal) Tommy races to get the ball he clears and achieves his plan, a smooth pass sees Harry with the ball but it’s forced out.

Zac takes a throw in and Tommy chips the ball and turns to goal, the ball is intercepted, and Zac makes a clearance.

Another throw in sees Tommy chase the ball down and a pass to Harry and then to Cohen, sees the ball wide. (Unlucky). Play repeats itself and it is wide again.

Half Time

Second Half

Second Half sees the team of Jake, Tyler, Owen, Jacob, and Harry.

A hand ball from the start sees Jake take a free kick, an attempt on goal sees a deflection and Harry tries the rebound but it is wide.

The start of a flurry of corners for Harry and when you think his corners are amazing, he takes another and it’s even better. Phenomenal corners, Harry!

One corner sees Harry chip the ball into the box, with Jake there to gain possession but is blocked, he plays the ball to Harry who makes a great shot towards target but it is just wide at the end.

A goal kick sees Owen gain possession and make a short run to Tyler, a run by Tyler sees him forced out wide and so the ball doesn’t make goal, but does meet Jake but a sea of players stop the play.

The game sees play up and down the field for a few minutes, where neither team get past the defenders.

Harry battles through and gets the ball to Owen, who is stopped in his tracks by the FC premier defence.

Not long before the ball is down for a throw in and Jake long throw sees the ball off an FC premier player and out for a corner.

Harry steps up for the corner and meets Owen, who finds Tyler and just wide.

Owen and Tyler unite for getting play back into the box, but their defence has stepped up and it’s not going in.

Jake takes a throw in which reaches Tyler on the wing, Tyler battles hard as normal and gets a corner. Outstanding play.

Another amazing corner by Harry and it meets Owen and no no no its wide. Unlucky play.

Tyler continues to battle in midfield and pushes some play to Harry, but it hits the post.

Jacob comes into play and makes a magnificent save.

Jake throw in sees a great run for Tyler and is forced out at the end. Harry continues with great corners, but their defence is ready for them now.

Owen handles the pressure in mid field and wins the ball back but no one to pass too.

The end of the game finishes with a ball from Jacob, to Jake to Tyler and the whistle blows.

Great game boys, A game of terrific goals, robust tackles, clean passes, breath-taking corners, and spectacular throw ins. 100% by ever player. Well done.

Match 2: Colron Blues Vs Lane Head Raiders

Pitch 2 – Willenhall Goals
Kick Off – 9:30am
Team – Zac, Jake, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry, Tyler, Cohen and Tommy
Coach/Manager – Richard/Craig
Absent – none

First Half

The report writing is a little delayed after not being able to figure out how to get to watch the game, cages everywhere.

It is still 0-0 when I start to watch (Thanks Andy). The team starts Zac, Tommy, Harry, Cohen and Jacob.

The game continues with an array of throw ins from Zac to Cohen, Cohen pass hits off a Raider and then back to a throw in from Zac and a pass from Cohen.

The game sees pressure felt by both teams and the ball spends more time off the pitch then on it. Zac throw in, to Cohen connects to Harry and it’s out again.

This time the throw ins are finally making their way up the field and a throw in from Zac meets Tommy and a great turn throws the defender, and a shot is saved, deflected to Cohen and another save.

Tommy fights strong and makes a brave tackle, Tommy gets the ball to Cohen, Cohen with some good footwork moves the ball to Harry and a strike and it is just wide.

Half Time.

Second Half

The second sees Zac, Jake, Tyler, Owen and Jacob.

Owen starts off the game at the whistle and makes a pass back to Zac, who attempts a shot on target, it doesn’t quite get through but does make its way to Owen who battles in the box for a short time.

The ball then smashed straight back up the field and an excellent save by Jacob to keep his clean sheet.

Jacob passes to Jake quickly and Jake makes a great run and battle and then another run, and the ball is saved. Jake races back up field to help in defence position.

Owen receives a corner ball and a shot on target is just wide. Jake regains possession and gets to Tyler in the box, Tyler battles hard but to many Raiders in his way.

Just like the first half throw ins galore, Jake gets to Tyler again who battles to maintain the ball for a while, passes back to Jake but its intercepted, this doesn’t faze Jake and he completes a robust tackle. Before taking on a short run and is blocked.

Raiders get a throw in and Owen has his eye on the ball and it is intercepted by him and a pass to Tyler in the box, Tyler looks for space and passes back to Jake who makes a move on target and it is saved.

Zac who has been waiting in defence for a while (Well done the rest of the team for keeping the ball their half for most of this half), He tackles for a ball and then sees the space and runs, a couple of turns to trick the team gets the ball on target but its saved.

The ball is back in play quick, but Jakes there to stop the ball and a long ball to Harry sees another ball wide.
An array of throw ins continues.

Harry makes a great move now off a corner ball passes back up field to Zac who goes for a long kick, but the keeper saves it again.

Zac makes a great play to Jake, Jake to Harry and Harry and its saved. (Is it going to be one of those

Jake shows some great footwork now and its wide of goal.

Finally, the play comes together, and Jake makes a move and passes to Harry and Harry powers the ball through for a well-deserved goal.

Jake continues with great play and is all over the pitch to support his teammates, Jake to Owen and then Owen makes a short play back to Jake and it is saved.

Owen makes it back into the box and it is wide for him too.

The end of the game sees a few corners which lead to Owen and Jake having excellent opportunities saved.

Well done Colron.

Players of the Day

Harry for your consistent battling play and 2 great goals.

Next Match?

Next game Sunday 8th November 2020 (Depending on Lockdown rules, maybe see you 2021?)

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