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Finally! (Colron Blues Match 2)

League Walsall Junior Youth League U7s
Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Soho Albion
When 11:30am Sunday 19th January 2020
Where Cheslyn Hay, Pitch 2
Colron Team Zac R, Tyler, Fisayo, Cohen, Tommy, Oliver and Connor
Absent Jacob, Jake and Kyrie
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

So, the second game starts with a team talk and short drill whilst we are waiting for the game to start.

First Half

The first half team starts Connor in goal, Zac R, Tommy, Cohen and Ollie. Soho Albion enter the field and Colron are not fazed by the size of the players facing them.

The whistle blows and the boys are pleased to get started. Zac starts with the ball moving forward to get the ball to Cohen and then to Tommy but it’s just wide – good play though, boys.

The ball is back in play and kicked long up the field, Ollie holds his position and is there to get the ball out of play as the player is fast approaching.

The ball is back in play and an excellent save by Connor, well done. Connor puts the ball back in play and a strong ball in midfield collides with Cohen’s chest. The game is halted for a while whilst Cohen is looked at. The ball is awarded back to us and it’s Connor’s ball out to Zac who makes a short run up the wing looking up for a player as he knows there is a wall of players in his way. He sneaks it through to Cohen, he makes an excellent turn and battles through but no luck.

Ollie continues to defend well coming forward to stop a ball clearly heading to goal and reads the players moves well to kick the ball out of play.

Tommy tremendous play now to fight for the ball against a difficult opponent. Zac receives the ball to Cohen and back to Zac and it’s forced for a corner. Colron are really working well as a team so far reading the game well and full of new energy.

Zac has now found those fast legs and outwits the players down the wing before being rugby tackled off the field, even the Soho manager as a word with his player after this move, however, the ball goes to Soho no idea why, but best not to ask.

Tommy gets involved with the ball after a goal kick and as he passes, Colron loses possession and the ball is heading to Connor at a fast rate. Connor with all his effort, tries so hard to save it but it’s in. Unlucky Colron.

The ball is back in play and Cohen goes for a pass back which if you could see his dad’s face (was not impressed by) fortunately the move paid off and was received by Ollie who made the pass to Zac and off he goes. Soho make a move to Zac and win the ball back but not for long with Cohen on their heels before making a clean pass to Tommy, Zac makes a run up but just not quick enough this time to keep the ball in play.

Tommy soon to get a throw in after Soho lose possession, Ollie receives the ball and with a quick glance gets the ball across the field to Zac who makes a run down towards the goal and with much screaming from the parents, RUN, RUN, RUN ZAC, bang and the ball is in the net.

It wasn’t long before Zac regained the ball again and from a half line pass, he looks at goal and it’s in the net again. (Superb goal Zac!) First time we have been in front for a while.

Ollie and Tommy work together to fight off a short battle from Soho just before Half Time.

Second Half

The second half sees Connor continuing in goal, Fiasyo, Tyler, Zac and Tommy.

Fisayo starts the game and a move to Tommy sees a shot at goal but it’s a miss. Fisayo and Tyler are brought together for a clear drive to get the ball to goal again. Fisayo takes a corner, to Tommy, to Zac back to Fisayo but it’s out.

Tyler gets his battle on again against Soho and starts to move forward towards goal, but it’s a goal kick.

Ball goes straight to the other end and Zac takes the goal kick which is received by Tyler to Tommy to Tyler and with a quick move it is to Fisayo this time it’s a save.

Ball back in play for Tyler who gets up the field but is forced out of play with a deflection and a throw in for Fisayo, the ball is lost to Soho, Fisayo is not having this and he runs like an Olympian to get the ball back, which he does. Tyler continues with the run and is blocked.

The parents are very nervous now as the boys have played so well that every time to ball is out of our play our hearts miss a beat. Zac makes a good defending move from a sprint up field to make the clear.

Tommy continues from Zac chasing, to have his teams back more and more.

Our hearts are in our mouths now, Connor puts us back at ease with a clearance all the way to Fisayo’s feet halfway up the field. Fisayo is awarded a throw in, Tommy gets a touch and Fisayo helps his team mate out to get a throw in.

Connor makes another good move and a goal kick for Zac. The ball makes it to halfway but Soho kick the ball back to goal. I think Zac for a second, thought he was goalkeeper and put his hand up luckily it missed his hand and goes wide.

The ball is back in play and Zac makes an exceptional tackle and gets the ball to Fisayo before passing the ball back, Zac slips over and misses the ball, Fisayo has his back and gets the ball in play, passing to Tommy then to Tyler.

Tyler moves up the field looking up for his teammates and finds Zac to Fisayo to Cohen and as pressure is applied Zac makes a clearance.
Tommy is off for Cohen and Zac for Ollie.

It’s all too tense now and then disaster happens my pen runs out!!!!!!!!

Fisayo ends the game in true battle style with a long race up field to get fouled by Soho. He is awarded a free kick and it’s a good shot but no more goals and it’s FULL TIME.

A Few Words

Well done Colron Blues you truly deserved to win this game, you played really well.

Player of the Week

Player of the week goes to Tommy for your effortless drive to get the ball and passion for the game, Well done.

Next Week

Next week 10:30 meet at Cheslyn Hay, first game Lane’s Head Devils at 11am, lets see if we can repeat the score of our first encounter with Lane’s Head Devils!

Have a great week all.

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