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First Darts Match a Success!

The evening of Tuesday 16th April was the first darts match for the Walmley Darts Club team who used to play at the Fox. Along with the darts players, there were spectators from Walmley Cricket Club and Walmley Football Club. It was a great atmosphere and even though the initial conversation with the darts team was only held two weeks ago, it already feels like they are part of us with cricket and football members keen to work out which players were ours.
The team captain, Matt Willetts, patiently explained what was going on to those of us less versed in darts, and answered our many questions. It was an entertaining evening in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

The Format

  1. Captains’ match which is one leg.
  2. Secretaries’ match which is one leg.
  3. Seven singles matches of three legs each.
  4. Two doubles matches each of three legs.

The Captains’ and Secretaries’ matches do not count to the league, but are an individual competition.

Match Report from Matt Willetts

Scott Wilson

A fantastic start to the season at our new venue last night! 8-1 win to the Walmley Darts Club against Oscott Sports. Excellent spirits all round by both teams. The scoring does not reflect their performance, games were closer than suggested.

With 2 x 160 breaks from Billy Cadby and Scott Wilson, with one leg off Scott being an 8 dart leg.

Man of the Match for Walmley – Scott Wilson
Man of the Match for Oscott – N Hawkley


A leg is one game, which starts and ends on a double. The aim is either 301 for singles or 501 for doubles.
A break is when a double is scored to start the match. 170 break is the highest possible break, which is a bullseye followed by triple twenty twice. A more usual, but still rare break is 160 which is double twenty then triple twenty twice.
Eight Dart Finish
From the first double scored to a total of 301 scored, just eight darts are thrown.

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