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First Match of 2020 for Colron Blues – Happy New Year

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Tipton
When 11am 5 January 2020
Where Cheslyn Hay Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Zak A and Oliver
Absent Connor and Kyrie
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

First Half

Another fresh morning to start off the year with a team of Zac R in goal, Jake in defence, Fisayo on the right, Tyler on the left and Ollie in the middle.

The game starts quickly on the whistle and they are off into 2020 with a run by Fisayo to Ollie to Fisayo, no joy.

The ball is back in our half and Zac doesn’t quite know all the goalkeeping rules just yet and handles the ball out of area and a free kick is awarded. He keeps his nerve, but it hits the post so a goal kick to Zac. Not like Zac’s normal goal kick move he does a short ball to Jake and then the team attacks in a wave. Zac makes 2 great saves but can’t keep hold of the ball, but finally whilst we are all in anticipation Zac makes the clear and its deflected off the opposition. Zac ball again. This time he reverts to his long kick down the field.

Jake holds his enforcer role in defence to see off some attack at goal. Great skill Jake.

Tyler then comes into his heroic sense of play when he battles through the team with some strength and determination to race up the right side to be forced out by some interesting play. This does not faze Tyler who continues to battle on and with support from Jake make a good clearance.

Fisayo with his quick pace chases the ball to make a superb tackle and take the pressure of Zac for a minute.

Fisayo intercepts the ball from a terrific tackle and uses good skill to see Ollie in space who controls the ball well and passes to Tyler as they make their way as a unit up the field. Unfortunately, the ball is intercepted and forced back down to allow Jake to make a clearance. Great teamwork here.

Tyler back in play to tackle for the ball, then it’s forced out for a Fisayo corner, which is soon deflected off an opponent for Tyler to take whilst Fisayo takes on the players in the box and it’s deflected again and the ball is back with Tyler.

After much back and forth corners for Colron the ball finally makes it in the box from Tyler but it’s another save. (Sign of things to come).

Zac turn to save now after a quick ball up the field. The ball is forced out for a throw in, Ollie takes and it’s intercepted. Tipton take a quick chance and with all the Colron team being in the box it’s deflected and we are 1 down.

Tipton are happy and up the pressure, but Jake is there to hold the team’s nerve. The whistle is blown for half time.

Second Half

The second half sees Ollie and Tyler off and Zak A and Jacob on.

The game starts with the ball being cleared out of play for a few minutes before the game started again. Tipton apply some pressure and with a quick ball in Zac makes a save on the line. The parents think it never went over the line, Tipton think it did, the goal is awarded. When I ask Zac about the goal, saying that I didn’t think it went over. His reply “Well with my eyeballs it did go over, so I am right and you are wrong” So that clears up the questionable goal.

Fisayo turns to portray his consistent skill now as he pounds up the field along the right side to be meet at goal with a save.

Fisayo makes a good throw into goal which is forced out by the other team.

Zac takes on a couple of long goal kicks but just can’t curve it into the back of the net. Jake defends well in the second half but with the pace of Fisayo and Zak A on the outsides there wasn’t as much to defend the second half.

Zak A takes on a trusty run up the right wing to make an excelling pass to Fisayo but Fisayo it’s just not your day and another miss. This is so unlucky Fisayo.

Fisayo forces a corner and again the ball goes wide. Another corner this time awarding us with a penalty for a clear handball.
Jacob steps forward to take the shot and with a good clean kick it just goes wide.

The game continues for Fisayo chasing the ball up field and making successful tackles, He passes the ball to Zak A who makes his move and passes back to Fisayo and it’s mm wide.

Jacob chasing the ball in centre and gets the ball to Zak who takes on the team and forces the pressure away from Fisayo who gains the ball from a clean pass and a small trip sends the ball wide.

Fisayo battles to the end but the ball isn’t going in today Fisayo.
Full Time is called. Unlucky boys.

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