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Hattrick Day for Colron Blues (Match 1)

Team Colron Blues U7s
Opposition Lane Head Devils
When 10:30am 15th September 2019
Where Grace Academy – Pitch 1
Colron Yellow Players Jacob, Fisayo (captain), Zac R, Conner, Kyrie, Oliver, Tyler, Jake, Cohen

Second weekend of football and who is still finding black astro bits all over their home a week later! The sun is still shining for us. The excitement of the last week follows on again today, with some determined and confident players ready to start, we have a full team this week. A quick warm up and team talk by Richard and Andy, with a little input from Zak Ali (Watch out! Your jobs are at stake!)

Colron Blues got into the game quickly with the first touch of the game from captain Fisayo with a cross to Zac and a run towards goal,but a save by the goalkeeper.

A goal kick led to the interception of the ball by Zac who then went on a run with a zig zag pattern around 3 players and with a powerful kick hit the back of the net. Colron take the lead.
Jake followed on his amazing defence as per last week’s game and cleared a strong ball. Zac then chased Lane Head players down the wing to make an excellent defend.

Fisayo’’s turn for a throw in which he connected to Zac’s feet, Zac turned in dramatic style down the sideline and took a shot from the corner area and what a lucky boy he was today, a goal in the top corner.

Lane Head’s ball was soon taken by Jake for Colron Blues to continue to dominate possession.

Fisayo had a throw in which lead to a save by the goalkeeper. Jake continued to defend any balls which came to the halfway line. Jake guarded Colron’s half superbly, Ollie didn’t get a look in in goal.

Fisayo continued in his fight to get a goal, taking on long runs to blast the ball at goal being wide on many occasions. Finally, the moment came! Fisayo ran around two players looked up a goal and with a powerful confident kick, knew this one would be it. A fantastic goal by captain Fisayo.

Zac’s turn now he took on a long run up the field to meet the whole Lane Head team in the box. He tried to outwit the team by twisting and turning around all the players again and again until he finally found himself some much deserved space. In a slow motion moment, he swung his leg for a power shot but miskicked and ended on his bum. Lane Head got the ball but Jake was there and in seamless fashion defended again.

Zac wasn’t put off by his fall and got up to carry on with his long plays, wide on these occasions.

Zac and Fisayo played well together at this point and maintained the ball in their half for the rest of the half.

Fisayo had a few misses on goal and Zac seemed to spend the last few minutes of the half running in circles around the players (he would have achieved his daily step count in these few minutes).

Half time saw a complete team change (other than captain Fisayo). Kyrie was now in goal with Tyler and Conner in midfield and Cohen in defence.
The start of the game didn’t start too well for Colron and due to a large bunch up of players in the goal area the ball slipped into goal.
Colron seemed a little unnerved for a couple of minutes. Before gaining their confidence and playing how they did in the first half. Lane Head had a goal kick which dropped to Fisayo’s feet, Fisayo took on the whole team to miss the goal at the end.

Conner then took on a run down the left side with an attempt on goal, just wide this time.

Fisayo defended his next touch of the ball, fighting past 4 players before achieving a throw in for Colron. Fisayo’s throw in connected with Conner for another attempt on goal, they just didn’t want to go in today. Then from nowhere Fiasyo took a lightning shot from the edge of the goal, number 2 for Fisayo.

Tyler passed well during the game to open up opportunities for Fisayo.
The ball then dropped to Fisayo in the area and a little tap and a well deserved hattrick for Fisayo.

Conner battled against the defence before passing to Fisayo and Fisayo passing back to Conner, who took a shot on target with a save from the goalkeeper.

Tyler battled to the end to get the ball to ensure the goalkeeper didn’t ever need to get the ball. The game ended with a corner kick from Tyler.

The match day report writer from Lane Head Devils congratulated us on our win, especially nice as she thought we scored 6.

Good game, Colron Blues, you dominated most of the game and defenced impeccably when needed. See you in 30 minutes for the next game! The report for Match 2 of the day can be found here.

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