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Important Update on Use of Club Grounds

UPDATE: The gates are now locked. If you are a member and do not have the code, please email contact@walmleysportsclub.co.uk.

Following Government orders, we have all been asked to stay at home etc. You all know the rest!

The club grounds are currently open and available for individuals and siblings to exercise, as directed. Please keep off the square in the centre of the ground.

I do not expect to see people disregarding this advice and abusing the use of the ground. I have seen & been advised of small groups of youngsters playing football on the ground and this is totally unacceptable.

As Chairman & as a Police officer I will be forced to lock the gates to prevent this from happening & that will unfortunately affect people who are respecting the advice.

It is not a lot to ask of people when the stakes are so high.

I will also refuse access to anyone who is vulnerable enough to be classed as being ‘Shielded’. This is people with specific health issues and will have been notified by their GP etc.

Both of these actions are necessary for everyone’s safety.

Thank you

Martin Hoffman

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