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Learn How To Umpire or Score – Free Courses

Dreading being called upon to score or umpire? Always wondered how it’s done? Want to learn a bit more?

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials has released some free online courses so that you can learn the basics of cricket scoring or umpiring, or just refresh your knowledge. The courses are free and you can sign up at the links below.


Square leg umpireBasics of Umpiring – This course is aimed at club umpires who just need to know the key laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend.

Umpire Stage One — This course is designed to give an overview of the basic Laws of the game and how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management. This course is an ideal introduction for new club umpires, a refresher for existing umpires and the first step for those who aspire to umpire at higher levels.


Basics of Scoring — This course is designed to provide all the skills needed to start scoring. The course covers the basics of scoring a game of cricket such as scoring symbols, umpire signals, dismissals and gives a helpful overview of the Laws of the game.

Using DLS on Scorer Pro

For those already versed in scoring with the computer program, Play Cricket Scorer Professional (PCS Pro), there is a webinair tomorrow, Wednesday 29th April 2020 to learn how to use DLS. You will be able to join on YouTube. If you’d like to score alongside the webinair, you can find instruction how to at The Warwickshire Cricket Board site.

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