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Match 1: Good Play for Colron U8 Blues vs Cresswell Sharks

Sunday 20th September 2020 – Match 1
Colron Blues vs Cresswell Sharks
Pitch 4 at Cheslyn Hay
Kick Off: 10:30am
Team: Jake, Tyler, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry and Tommy
Absent: Zac (He will be back next week)
Manager/Coach: Richard and Andy

I was hoping that after a week off football for me, that someone would have taken over this wonderful job, but no such luck, so back to it!

First Half

The game starts off with the boys all looking super smart in their new kits. The match begins with Jacob in goal, The enforcer back in defence, Harry, Cohen and Tommy.

Harry starts the game with a push towards goal which is soon forced out for a corner taken by Cohen, which meets Harry and unluckily the post.
The ball is soon back in play and Jake and Tommy are quick to defend however a strong ball sneaks through and it is a goal to Cresswell.

Colron are unfazed and regrouped back to their positions on the field. Tommy, Jake and Cohen work well to pass the ball up the field but the ball is forced out (Even Cohen’s lightning sprint up the wing didn’t keep it in).
A foul on Tommy forces a throw in by Jake and it’s taken quickly, the other team intercept the play and Jacob makes a save.

Jacob does a short ball to Jake who passes it up field to Cohen, who is forced out with pressure from Cresswell. Tommy takes control of the ball from a Cresswell throw in and makes a smooth pass to Harry who is just shy of the target.

Players retreat for the goal kick; Harry stands tall and takes the ball to his chest and with control passes to his teammate.
The play is in and out of throw ins for a short period before Tommy receives the ball into the box but is faced with a frenzy of sharks to take the ball. It is not long in Cresswell possession before Harry makes a chip towards goal and it is forced out even though there is much pressure applied to Harry he continues with regaining possession.
The ball is now back in Jacob hands and another short play to Jake, who blasts the ball down field to Harry and a chip by Harry unfortunately just wide. (Really unlucky Harry as it was a great effort).

Harry takes the corner and Colron must retreat fast as Cresswell are adding the pressure. Jake tries, Harry tries, however it is the calm and collective Cohen who on the 2nd attempt clears the ball.

The ball is soon back by Colron goal, but this time Tommy is there to clear the ball, Cohen battled hard to keep the ball in but it’s out and the whistle goes for half time.

Second Half

Half time comes and goes and Colron are back in the game with Tyler, Jake, Jacob, Owen and Harry.

The boys have woken up now and are moving quicker on the field Owen gets the ball and heads for a spectacular run up field, plays the ball to Harry. Who shoots but it’s saved! Great play Harry and Owen, fab teamwork.

Jake makes a great challenge in defence regaining possession, playing a smooth ball to Harry, then Harry to Owen whose confidence has flourished and is racing down the field with only a goal in mind. It is forced to a corner.
Corner taken by Harry, to Jake, to Owen, to Tyler and back to Owen he shoots, and it is saved. Really worked well as a team here.

A slight bit of pressure from Cresswell, saved by Jacob. The play continues Jacob, to Jake long ball to Owen and a powerful swing of the leg and yet another save!

This time the play goes Owen down the wing and a cross to Harry, Harry takes an attempt on goal, it’s just wide. (Tyler made his best efforts to get to the box in time).

It is not long before Tyler efforts are rewarded with a great goal, supported from good set play from his teammates. Well done Tyler.

Play starts quickly and Jake takes on defence again, then out of nowhere a goal from Cresswell sneaks through.

Owen continues his heroic runs down the wing, passes to Tyler, who makes a quick turn to sneak the ball to Harry and with a good strike the ball just goes wide.

Tyler then does what Tyler does best and battles to gain possession he fights and fights and pushes the ball out to Harry who is also facing much pressure but he retains the ball and now its Owen turn, the pressure forces Owen out. Throw into Cresswell marks the end of the game.

Unlucky Colron, Good effort, unlucky result. Some really good play today.