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Match 2 Colron Blues: My favourite Ref of all time (No pushing, No shoving)

Sunday 20th September 2020- Match 2
Colron Blues vs Lanes Head Devils
Pitch 1 at Cheslyn Hay
Kick Off: 11am
Team: Jake, Tyler, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry and Tommy
Absent: Zac
Manager/Coach= Richard and Andy

The game starts and the referee is the fairest Ref at Cheslyn Hay, he is so supportive to both teams, wish he were the ref for all our games!

First Half

The line-up starts Jacob in goal, Harry, Cohen, Tommy and Jake.
Play begins and Jake decides to take a shot but is goes wide. The team are not long back in their positions when a goal kick from Lane Heads Devils finds its way to Tommy’s feet and with control and power it’s “Top Bins”, Well done Tommy truly outstanding goal.

The game continues with a few throw ins and corners and the ref reminding both teams no pushing, no shoving….

Jake takes a strong throw in to Harry, received well by Harry who then makes a powerful battle against the opposition to clear the ball to Tommy who is wide on this occasion. The play continues in Colron’s favour and it’s a receive this time to Tommy to Harry and Harry is wide.

Jake then takes a few solid kicks in defence to regain the possession when the pressure was applied to defence.
A foul to Colron sees some remarkable football from the boys. Harry takes the free kick; Tommy controls the ball with ease and a play to Cohen sees the second goal.

The ball is back in play and a moment of madness from Jake sees Jacob complete an extraordinary save. The ball is soon back in Colron possession, Harry is battled hard down the field and is taking some great shots on target which are saved or just wide and when you think the luck is just not with Harry today he and Cohen unite and a cross from Cohen sees the ball in the net for Harry. (It was worth waiting for, Harry).
Colron have much of the possession now and as much as Lane Head Devils battled and took some real blows from the ball. Colron playing more as a team this game is paying off. Cohen takes a shot saved, Harry takes a shot saved and then Tommy chip the ball and again saved.
Harry stood strong before half time, blocking a ball heading in the box.

Second Half

The second half sees Jake, Jacob, Cohen, Tyler and Owen.
Cohen kicks off, which sees an early ball reach Owen’s foot and he takes a touch, controls the ball, looks up, shoots and it is wide.

Jacob is soon called into action and makes yet another important save of the game. Colron are forced under some pressure now, but Cohen soon regains the ball and passes to Owen, who then passes straight back to Cohen who has space and its another wide ball for Cohen.

Now we are seeing the team use all the field to make their moves, an interception from Lanes Head see another save from Jacob. A quick play to Cohen sees the boy with the quick feet make it up the field in no time and is just blocked in the box before the final pass could be played (Great effort Cohen).
Lanes Head continue to block much play from Jake and Owen in the next few minutes and they gain a few throw ins. It is not long before we are back in play and a few quick twists and turns from Tyler sees Tyler’s effort cleared.

Owen receives a ball from set play and is off and this time he is getting his goal- Well deserved Owen.
Jacob makes another save straight from kick off to keeping his clear sheet. Jacob passes the ball to Tyler who clears it across the field to Harry, Harry looks up sees Owen in space, passes to Owen receives the ball looks up and WHAM it’s in the back of the net. (One very happy Owen).
Harry is back on the ball now and eager for another goal, he makes an epic run but runs out of space to finish. This doesn’t dishearten Harry as within a minute he demonstrates some really fancy footwork, great feet, great turn, great run and for the keeper a great save.
The end of the game sees Jake defending well with the pressure applied, Tyler showing good control and Harry clearing a scary ball in the box in the last minute.
Great Effort Colron Blues.

Player of the Match

Goes to Goal Keeper Jacob for an excellent performance, clean sheet in the second game and some spectacular saves.

Next Game

Sunday 27th September 10am kick off