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Breakfast is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am.

Sausage Bap £1.50
Bacon Bap £1.50
Sausage and Bacon Bap £2.00
Sausage and Egg Bap £2.00
Bacon and Egg Bap £2.00
Egg Bap £1.00
Sausage, Bacon and Egg Bap £3.00

Afternoon Menu

The Afternoon Menu is available from 5pm.


Scampi and Chips £6.00
Chicken Bites/Goujons and Chips £6.00
Spicy Chicken Bites and Chips £6.50

The following are available with chips for an extra £1.00

Chicken Burger £3.50
Beef Burger £3.50
Cheeseburger £4.00
Hot Dog(available with onions) £1.50
10” Pizza £7.00
12” Pizza £8.50
Pie £3.50


Samosa £2.50
Pakoras £2.50
Tray of Fries/Chips £1.50
Tray of Sweet Potato Fries £2.00
Cheesy Chips £2.00
Chips and Curry Sauce £3.00

Children’s Menu;

3 Fish Fingers and Chips £3.50
4 Chicken Nuggets and Chips £3.50
Slice of Cheese and Tomato Pizza and Chips £3.50


Available with a flake for extra 50p

Ice Cream Cone £1.50
Ice Cream Pot £2.00
Screwball £2.00


Tea/Coffee £1.00
Hot Chocolate £1.00
Slush £1.20


Please see the board at the club for details of specials. All specials are £6.00.