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Mixed Start to Winter Darts Season

Walmley CSC Flights vs Rosey Mac’s

Tonight the Walmley CSC Flights met Rosey Mac’s in their first match at their new home. Although several matches were close, the Flights had the edge when it came to finishing and claimed all but one of the legs. The final result was 8-1 to the Flights.

Man of the Match for the Flights: Greg Gaughan who is captain of the Flights, and also wears many hats in FODDL.
Man of the Match for Rosey Macs: Steve Wright

Next Match: Tuesday 1st October at the Red Lion

Pint Pot Flights vs Walmley CSC Arrows

The Walmley CSC Arrows, away at the Pint Pot Flights, didn’t have as good a start to the season as the Walmley CSC Flights . The result was 6-3 to the Pint Pot Flights with some good darts thrown.

The next match for Walmley CSC Arrows, on 1st October, is at home against the Erdington Arrows.

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