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Moms Bask in Glory After 1st Ever Championship Win

By Craig Busst

Tonight was the 3rd annual Girls v Moms game played at Court Lane. The night was supported by parents of all the girls’ sides, their moms and nans and grandparents.

The Moms rocked up in high tech sports gear, Prosecco, and sweat bands, and meant business from the off.

The Moms won the toss and put the Girls out to bat. Each pair got 2 overs and faced balls from their Moms or Grandparents or Honorary Moms (dads Ashley and Padman bowling left handed). After 10 overs the Girls looked in control at 242-1 but a massive wicket haul from Victoria Snowdon and Vilma (Milly’s Nan – 84 years old) pulled them back to 233-9.

Wicket of the night went to Peter Stanley (Faye’s grandad -78) who caught and bowled his own granddaughter (Faye). Outstanding fielder award went to Linda (Esther and Naomi’s nan) who was a ball magnet out at deep square.

The Girls came out to bowl confident that they would restrict the Moms and it looked like they had them on the ropes after the 1st 3 overs 197-3. Then out came the big hitters. Vic, Louise (Oakley) and Humara (Khan) smashed it around and didn’t lose a wicket. The last 2 overs were almost stopped by the rain and a Duckworth Lewis calculation was being figured out by Phil Carey but it wasn’t necessary (good job as Phil’s maths is terrible). The Moms finished up on 245-5.

This is the 1st time the Moms have beaten the Girls in the 3 years this competition has been running and it was a very well deserved win.

Youngest player tonight 8 years old. Oldest player 84. It’s just like a Walmley Saturday 1st team selection.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents, grandparents and supporters who came to the game tonight. The food, drinks and company was excellent. We are such a lucky club to have people like you as members.

I think the girls will be back on top form next year. Moms – Get practising.

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