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Much Improved Colron Blues play Ace

Colron Blues Vs Ace FC PSG

Sunday 4th October 2020 – Match 2
Pitch 1 – Grace Academy
Kick Off- 11:50am
Team – Zac, Jake, Tyler, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry and Tommy
Coach/Manager – Richard/Craig
Absent – Andy (See you soon)

First Half

The game begins as quick as a lightning bolt, with the line up of Zac, Harry, Jake, Cohen and Jacob. Zac sees the quick start and makes a vital clearance.

As much as Ace are fast and really on the ball, Colron step up and are back in control with a wonderful show of skill by Harry who sets up Cohen but it was pushed away by the keeper for a throw in.

Jake takes the throw in and it is forced out, Jake takes another throw in and it is forced out again for a corner this time. Harry takes the corner, it’s in the box but no connection is made.
he game sees real strong teamwork by Colron and fluent passes to move the ball up the field, as well as solid defence as Ace apply pressure throughout the half.

Jake follows Ace’s tactic of rapid throw ins and it pays off as Harry is free and in a good position. Harry shoots and it is saved.

Colron is continuing in their clear positions and when pressure is applied, they work together to hold off the attacks, Zac makes a few robust tackles and clearances
Zac takes a long ball to Harry who makes his was up the field fending off Ace’s players and when he can go no more due to players blocking him, he makes a clean pass, which is picked up by Jake but its wide. A repeat of the same play sees an ultimately blast from Jake which again just short of the goal.

A burst of pressure from Ace sees Colron concedes a goal. Undisturbed by this Colron carry on.

Zac receives the pass back and with pressure mounting pushes a short ball, intercepted by Ace but not for long, Jake comes through with a tackle and regains possession. Ace are not keen on this and fight for the ball back and go on a run to goal. Cohen senses danger is approaching and takes a huge run up the field to complete one of the best clearances of the day.

Zac takes on a player in our box and wins the ball and with a turn and look up, sees a huge open space, he starts his run taking controlled moves not to lose the ball, he outwits the only Ace player in his way and is on the edge of the box, a swing of the leg sees the ball clear the top post. Zac races back up the final to hold position as the goalkeeper plays it quick, but Zac is back in time to clear the ball.

Colron get a throw in and a quick throw from Jake to Harry sees Harry take a touch, makes a turn, a few steps and it is a goal. Well done Harry and fabulous assist Jake!

Jacob makes another good save and a goal kick from Jacob, reaches the head of Cohen, retrieved by Zac, to Harry for a corner ball. A corner from Harry reaches Cohen in the box but no goal today.

Harry makes a strong challenge in the box to pass the ball out wide, and with determination and speed Zac keeps it in and turns the ball out to Cohen.

Ace apply pressure and make some clean passes across the field. Jacob makes a save on the line as the ball passes defence. Well done Jacob. Ace continue to apply pressure and Zac makes a great block with his body, Cohen receives the ball to Jake who is tackled down but Cohen is there to gain possession and the whistle is blown for half time.

Second Half

Second half sees Zac, Tyler, Tommy, Owen and Jacob.

The play starts Owen to Zac for what I believe was going to be a shot from the halfway line, but Zac thought better of it as players came close and squeezed a ball back to Owen. Owen with an array of players around him passes to Tyler. Tyler now demonstrates a short run and a sneaky pass to Tommy, a pass back to Tyler sees Tommy near the box but it is intercepted by Ace, but it is out for a corner. Great teamwork Tommy and Tyler. Tommy takes the corner and sees a run into the box for Owen, but just can’t connect.

Zac continues to apply pressure to Ace and completes a long run to keep the ball in play. Another corner in our favour is next and it is Harry to Tommy but no luck.

Tyler intercepts the ball through purposeful challenges to regain possession.

Then just when the ball was majority in our possession Ace sneak a ball past Jacob.

Zac is back on another long run and with a clean cross to Tommy, it was an unlucky miss.

Tommy gets straight back to the game and closes down an Ace player by applying strong pressure.

Zac is back to the ball and it is an open field again, he takes on a long run and a cross to Owen sees yet another spectacular goal by Owen, great assist to Zac.

Tommy is consistent in the pressure he is executing on Ace and allows Colron to hold possession.

Tyler is off and Harry on.

Zac takes a long ball to Harry, but no finish this time.

Zac gets the ball back and it is Owen who receives the ball and a shot on target sees it cleared by the goalkeeper.

Tommy is at it again with an epic tackle to regain possession and passes to Harry, to Owen and it is another save.

Pressure builds and Zac clears off an Ace player and it is back in play, Harry gets the ball but is blocked and it is intercepted and a short ball sneaks in, in the last minute.

The last minute sees a united front and Owen makes a play to Zac, Zac a cross to Tommy, Tommy finds the space to get the ball to Owen, Owen shoots and it is wide. Whistle goes for full time.

Great performance Colron Blues, you really are connecting as a team and your play is really improving week on week. Last season you lost to Ace 5-0, well done you clearly have shown how far you have come.

Player of the Match

Player of the Match goes to Zac. Excellent games Zac especially the second match. One enormously proud mummy and an early birthday treat. Well done superstar.

Next Game – Sunday 11th October – Cresswell Wanderers at 10:20 pitch 2. Grace Academy.

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