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Not the best start to the year for Colron Blues (Match 2)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition AFC Wolves
When 11am 5 January 2020
Where Cheslyn Hay Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Zak A and Oliver
Absent Connor and Kyrie
Manager/Coach Richard and Andy

Game Summary

First Half

So, the game beings with Ollie in goal, Zac R on the left, Fisayo centre and Zak A on right and Jake in defence. The whistle blows and before I have taken the lid off my pen Wolves score.

Positions are posed again, and the ball makes its way to Ollie – a great save. Zac R takes the goal kick and with true power it makes its way to goal but it’s a save.

Zak A takes on a similar approach to the first game and powers for the tackle and forces the ball out as the pressure is applied.

Zak A and Zac R work together as they move up the field passing along the way, the space is there but a miss from Zac R. Fisayo gets the rebound and its another miss, another rebound and another miss (too many feet in the box).

Fisayo takes on a good tackle and looks up, Zac R moves across the field to find a space and receives the ball before passing to Zak A who speeds up the wing and with a powerful kick is so unlucky to have it saved after all the effort made.

Time for some defence now and Jake and Ollie are united to make it impossible to get past on this occasion.

Fisayo demonstrates some skilful play now as he controls the ball well to connect with Zac R who makes a run and a miss.

Zak A reattempts his long run down the right past 2 players and a perfect shot, another miss. How unlucky can we be?

Zak A makes another attempt on goal with a clear chance, but it’s deflected off the goalkeeper and there is no Colron player to tap it in.

Zac R takes on a tackle to gain possession to pass to Zak A and then to Fisayo and it’s forced out.

Pressure is forced upon Ollie and a great save made from a quick ball and he takes a goal kick to Jake, who controls it to Fisayo who takes a turn onto goal and it’s wide.

Zak A takes on a long run before half time but is forced off the pitch.

Second Half

Half time brings Fisayo and Jake off and Jacob and Tyler on.

So, like the start of the first half Zac R tried the off-guard tactic and the whistle blew and bang the goalkeeper was off guard but the ball inched wide.

Wolves responded to the pressure and forced Tyler to make a clear.

Zac R took a strive at goal no luck there, and the ball is forced back up the field for a great save by Ollie.

Ollie perfecting his goal kick makes a pass to Zac R who loses the ball as he moves forward.

Goal number 2 comes for Wolves with an astonishing goal which Ollie would never have saved.

Zak A makes a good tackle and supported by Jacob is about to move forward getting the ball to Zac R before it is coming back Zak A. Nowhere to go with a field of Wolves players.

Tyler comes forward to tackle and make the clearance in defence, a deflection allows us to obtain possession. Zac R takes a long kick which is received by Jacob and its kicked only a little wide.

Wolves continue with the pressure and so all the team rush to defence, too many bodies in the box and Ollie has no chance to see where the ball is and it’s a 3rd. Unfortunately, the mass of players in goal caused Ollie to be injured which saw Jacob go in goal and Fisayo back on the field.

Zac restarts the game with another attempt on goal but wide it goes. The ball is back in play and the tactics of Zac works for the other team and it’s a powerhouse goal number 4.

Fisayo and Zac take on a battle and the effort gets them through and another one wide. This is repeated with unfortunately the same ending.
The pressure is forced onto Jacob now and a save is made, with the ball still in play, Tyler steps up and clears the ball off the line.

The last kick of the game goes to Zac R and it’s a long ball…… Will it go in…? Nope same as the whole game, no luck.

Player of the Match

Player of the Match awarded by Zoey (Jake’s Mum) goes to Fisayo for your great skill and performance in both games.

Next Match and Training

See you all next week 10:30am meet for 11am game Colron vs ACE FC Benfica Pitch 3 Cheslyn Hay. Training Thursday 6pm.

All the best to Zak

We would all like to take this opportunity to wish Zak A the best of luck with his footballing future. Go show them all how amazing you are and thank you Natalie for keeping me company on the sidelines – my hearing will never be the same! Colron will miss you both. All the best.

Happy New Year to you all, what will 2020 bring Colron……

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