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On the Edge of Our Seats…

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Lodge Farm Jaguars
When 11:30am 10th November 2019
Where Grace Academy Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Zak A, Cohen, Fisayo, Jacob, Tyler, Ollie, Kyrie, Connor, Jacob and Jake
Coaches Richard & Andy

Game Summary

The second game of the day and it is getting colder out there….

First Half

The half starts Connor in goal, Kyrie, Fisayo, Tyler and Jake.

The game starts quickly, Fisayo after a turn in goal is hungry for the ball but not as quick off the blocks as Tyler who uses his phenomenal tackling skills to gain possession and take an early shot at goal but out wide.

Kyrie portrays a move that would have won a 10 vote on Strictly, there were that many turns involved. Great skills and determination, Kyrie, and then a superb pass to Fisayo. Fisayo’s turn now to deliver on his skills, a run down the wing and a remarkable cross into the box just short of Kyrie’s feet. Excellent skills Fisayo.

Tyler takes a corner to a Fisayo who battles through, but a lot of players to take on alone and too many in the box to make any move. The ball is kicked out wide onto pitch 2 where there is another game playing, kind-hearted Kyrie pops across the game to regain our ball.

Jake is forced into the game quickly and makes a clean back heel clearance to avoid any pressure to his teammates.

Lodge Farm Jaguars apply pressure now and the game is a spate of clears from Jake, Fisayo, Jake and more Jake.

A corner is played and is attempted to be cleared by 2 Colron Players at the same time – the confusion causes a free ball and a turn and shot from Lodge farm sees Colron Blues a goal down.

Kyrie takes the kick to Tyler and off he goes, Kyrie reads the game well and gets into the space needed to receive Tyler’s pass. Pressure was applied and it goes to a corner kick.

The ball is back near our goal and there is pressure being applied to Connor who has an eye on the ball, he just can’t get to it as there is no room. Jake eventually lets us all breathe again by a clear from the box.
The whistle is blown and its half time.

Second Half

The Second half starts with Jacob in goal, Zac R, Zak A, Cohen and Ollie.

The game starts with a Zac R/Zak A run and pass down the field to unnerve the team from the start. This pressure continued with Zak A making a flurry of runs to the goal (you just know something is going to happen soon).

Ollie takes over Jake’s role in defence and tackles a player forcing a ball wide.

Zak A is back on it again and tackling the players well, he is so determined not to give the ball away even when he is knocked down he is trying to get the ball from the floor, which he manages to force to Ollie to clear.

Zac R has a clear chance at goal now, so off he goes after a pass from Ollie in their half he runs off Lodge Farm Jaguars’ team, for the effort to be saved by the goalkeeper. Second attempt comes shortly after but no goal.

Lodge Farm then get the ball and head towards goal, a good save, Jacob, well done. Cohen gets into the game now as they start to apply some pressure back and Cohen makes a clear to avoid another goal.

A change of ball brought some luck to the team. Zac A passes to Zac R who makes his way up the pitch to find Zak A again and Zak A (the wait was worth it) around a player and a perfect shot on target sees a well-deserved goal.

With the boast of a goal, Zac A is on fire with his control and determination to get stuck in, amazing few minutes Zak.

Now for an unlucky moment the Jaguars had turned off for a minute and Zac gets the ball and flies up the field. The goalkeeper is looking behind at pitch 4 and as Zac shots the goalkeeper turns, and it unknowingly hits his foot and is cleared.

Zac R takes the corner and Cohen gets a touch really unlucky, I think there is a secret screen around the goal today. Now Cohen Corner for Zac R and another miss.

The ball is a goal kick and it’s forced into our half, a pass from Ollie to Cohen to Zac R to Cohen increases the parents heart rates but the whistle is blown and it’s a draw. Great game Colron Blues.

The Player of the Match goes to Jacob for this support in midfield in the first game and for his good effort in goal in the second game.

See you all on the 24th November when we take on Sedgley and Gornal East at 11:30 pitch 1. Remember there is no game next week so you can spend your time going to the shops for some gloves and thermals as the weather is changing! Have a good week all.

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