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Community Contribution Policy

Walmley Cricket and Sports Club is committed to providing positive, inclusive participation in a range of sporting activities for the residents of the local area and beyond.

The Walmley Way

Walmley Cricket and Sports Club will provide opportunities for participation for all by:

  1. Providing a warm and welcoming environment for all
  2. Promoting locally and via its website walmleysportsclub.co.uk how to be involved and take part in activities
  3. Ensuring there are no unfair barriers to participation
  4. Having robust Codes of Conduct and inclusion practices
  5. Developing and maintaining close links to local schools, and promoting the Chance to Shine initiative
  6. Continue to build on Walmley’s successful Cricket Mini League offering opportunity for playing cricket to children from age 4
  7. Continue to sustain and build on our youth section providing cricket coaching and playing opportunities for over 150 children each year
  8. Developing and introducing additional sporting activities to give more children and young people opportunities to be involved and active
  9. Continuing to invest to build on its current coaching resources to provide increased opportunity to be involved and active
  10. Expanding the range of sports that local people can access
  11. Ensuring Walmley Cricket and Sports Club’s development plans include maximising the ability of people with disabilities to take part in activities and use the facilities
  12. Building on our successful Girls and Women’s Cricket Section to give more opportunities to girls and women to play sport
  13. Expanding opportunities for older people to take part in physical activities, and be involved in the Club

Community Contribution Statement

Our Community contribution looks to recognise the role people play in making their neighbourhood a good place to live and provide opportunities for them to be involved.

At Walmley Cricket and Sports Club we aim to be at the heart of the local community and build on its current high number of active members and volunteers to make a significant contribution to the economic, social, sporting and cultural life of the area. We recognise ourselves as a community ‘Asset’, providing sporting and physical activities to improve the health and well-being of local people.

As part of our development plans we will continue to build on our asset and provide opportunities to link with other local community and sports groups and develop our local volunteering and coaching