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Update: Preliminary Warwickshire Cricket League Structure for 2019

The First XI narrowly missed out on promotion in the Birmingham District and Premier Cricket League (BDPCL) 2018. As the Birmingham League is being reorganised, the teams from BDPCL divisions 2 and 3 and all the 2nd teams are going into their respective leagues. For Walmley this is the Warwickshire Cricket League. The proposed structure, if accepted, would mean that the First XI plays in the Premier League along with all the other first teams from the BDPCL and the top four teams from the 2018 season Warwickshire League Premier Division. The Second Team would play in the 3rd Division, and the 3rds in Division 6.

Update from 23 Nov 2018: Version 2 of the League Structure

Team Division
1st XI Premier
2nd XI 3
3rd XI 6
4th XI 11 West
5th XI 12 West

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