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Saturday Cricket Round Up – 15th August 2020

Warwickshire County Cricket League

Premier West – 1sts

Walmley 1sts – Moseley Ashfield 1sts – Moseley Ashfield won by 98 runs

Birmingham Group A – 2nds

Aston Manor 1sts vs Walmley 2nds – Aston Manor won by 6 wickets

North West Group C – 3rds

Walmley 3rds vs Wishaw 2nds – Wishaw won by 21 runs

North Warks Group E – 4ths

Sutton Coldfield 3rds vs Walmley 4ths – Sutton Coldfield won by 3 wickets

North West Group E – 5ths

Walmley 5ths – Sutton Coldfield 4ths – Walmley conceded as ground inaccessible

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