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Indoor Cricket

Walmley has two teams playing Autumn 2018. The teams play in the Action Indoor Cricket Division 1 – Autumn 2018 League and the Action Indoor Cricket Division 2 – Autumn 2018 League.

Indoor Cricket is a fast paced game for all ages, testing reactions as well as basic batting, bowling and fielding skills. The game lasts for approximately 70 minutes, with every player batting and bowling the same number of overs. This game can be competitive and social and will be never rained off!

The Games Format

The game lasts for 70 minutes as previously mentioned, with all playing equipment provided (feel free to bring your own bats and gloves and please don’t forget a box!). With eight players per side with 16 overs in the game, everyone (including the wicketkeeper) must bowl two overs each and the batting side will bat in pairs for 4 overs. To make this a fast paced game, the overs have to be bowled in 35 minutes, then the teams change over.


When batting the non-striker stands on the running crease, which is half way down the pitch. If you are out then the team will lose 5 runs but the pairs will bat for the full 4 overs. When there are two non-scoring deliveries, the batters must run on the third ball.

An over lasts 6 balls, with no balls and wides giving the batting team 2 runs but no extra ball. You can bowl under arm if you prefer. There are a few different ways in which you can get out like a normal game of cricket.

To score your runs you must physically run or they won’t count!


  • Caught (everywhere but the back net if the batter hits a 6)
  • Run out
  • Stumped
  • Bowled
  • Interference
  • Mankad


A mankad dismissal is when the backing up batter is run out by the bowler after he or she has entered their delivery stride.
A “skin” is when one team’s batting pair scores more runs than the opposition batting pair batting in the same position.
Interference is when a batter deliberately gets in the way of a fielder, or handles the ball.


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