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Streakers at Streetly!

Match: Streetly 1sts vs Walmley 1sts
Match Date: 6th July 2019
Type: Warwickshire County Cricket League Premier Division
Report: Robert Mathieson, regular first team supporter

My school English master used to stress the importance of headlines as a means of attracting readers. He said that a touch of alliteration always worked even were it not entirely accurate. Last week it was easy and accurate. This week is neither, but read on!

The Streetly ground is interesting. The approach is labyrinthine. The shape is almost indescribable, but I took the opportunity of a delayed start due to rain to make a sketch which I sent to an old college friend – an internationally famous geometry expert who lives in Rotterdam – to see if the shape could be accurately described in not more than four words. It can’t, but, my Dutch friend was kind enough to tell me that it is very similar to an enclosure in the grounds of a palace in Delft where William the Silent trained his fighting goats in the 16th Century. Those who were at Streetly saw a few ‘goats’ carrying bats.

There is another fact about the Goat Field that will interest Walmley members. Our Oldest* Member played his last game of cricket in either 1983 or 1985 on that ground. There was irreparable damage to a muscle at deep third man, just where Dan Bromley was fielding. Walmley players and supporters saw the OM mark his return with two impressive high-speed circuits of the ground.

But the subject is cricket. Streetly won the toss and in a match restricted to 36 overs elected to bat. In a score of 170 for 9 several batsmen made starts but many of them failed to impress the umpires with their skills and left the field visibly and verbally distressed. The wrath directed at his fellow batsman by one man when he was run out was the best entertainment in the innings. Jono Newis took 3 for 32 and Dan Bevan chipped in with his weekly stumping.

In the absence of Mr Sheikh, Peter Shackleford opened the Walmley innings with Dan Bromley. The partnership ended with Dan run out. He left the field quietly, thus depriving your correspondent of the mirth such a dismissal provided earlier in the day. I am afraid that Peter’s and Roshan’s innings are largely forgotten after the display of effortless batting by Sarmad Bhatti as he carried Walmley to victory with 87 not out. [This brings Bhatti past 600 runs so far this season in just 11 matches, average 100.50.] It must have been a privilege for Captain Waugh to stand at the other end and watch from close quarters. Just for the record, Mikey [Waugh] scored a perfectly good 35 not out. I cannot remember a single scoring shot from Mikey he was so overshadowed and I am sure he will forgive me for that. Even John Griffiths could find no fault.

We are still only 3 points ahead of Bedworth. Exciting!

*This adjective is not accurate but I cannot bring myself to use the word he [Barry Stokes] would choose – ‘Wisest’.

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