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Take 2 – Colron Blues

Sunday 27th September 2020- Match 2
Colron Blues vs Lanes Head Devils (Rematch)
Pitch 2 – Cheslyn Hay
Kick Off – 10:30am
Team – Zac, Jake, Tyler, Cohen, Jacob, Owen, Harry and Tommy
Coach/Manager – Richard/Craig
Absent – Andy

First Half

So, if you thought this would be an easy game after our win against Lanes Head Devils last week you would be clearly mistaken. Lanes Head came out as a team with a solid defence (and their players have grown lots in height in a week)
The game starts Jacob, Jake, Tommy, Tyler, and Harry. Harry starts the game with a smooth run down the wing, just a bit quicker than his teammates on this occasion. Jake makes a robust clearance in defence which sees the ball down the line to Tommy. Who continues to battle hard to get the ball close to goal.

Harry is back in play and is taken down by 2 devils, his whole team rally around to see he is ok and after a few moments he is back up on his feet and back in the game. Jake takes the free kick and with some force it just glides over the crossbar.

Jake makes a throw in which is forced out for a goal kick. A quick ball from Jacob to Jake and another ball down the line to Tommy sees Tommy makes a controlled run and its wide.

Ball is back in Colron’s play and its Tyler to Tommy this time and another run from Tommy sees the defence stand strong and I would say a free kick for a foul on Tommy but the ref says a corner.

Jake takes the corner and some fancy feet from Harry seems some spectacular football from Harry to Tommy, but Tommy is blocked in the last moment for Lanes Head to regain the ball.

The Ref tells the boys to get a move on or they will be the last game on Match of the Day if the score stays like this. Harry rises to the challenge and with control and a vision of what he wants to do, makes a run to goal and just at the right moment strikes, unlucky Harry as it hits the post and the crowd can’t believe it either.

Jake and Harry continue to try to get through but their defence bunch up to stop any balls getting through.
Half Time.

Second Half

Second half sees Jacob, Zac, Owen, Cohen and Harry.
The play starts Owen to Zac, back to Owen but Owen is run out by Lanes Head. Zac plays a ball to Cohen and this time he is run out too.

Lanes Head pile on the pressure and a corner sees Zac clear it right on the line. Harry gets the ball and with a run and stop and blast, the goal is saved (Not sure how with the power that Harry added to it).

Owen and Cohen work together to pass the ball up the field. Owen finds space however Cohen is in a non-win situation, you can’t get a ball through a four player wall and a meg didn’t work. This doesn’t stop Owen they may have won the ball but not for long he makes a robust tackle to get it back, but this time Owen is boxed in.

A quick ball from Zac sees Cohen clear on the wing and a shot on target sees the ball just wide. Harry regains possession from the goal kick and once again his fast feet make quick moves towards goal, Lanes Head aren’t quick effort but blocking Harry concedes a free kick.

Zac comes to take it and it’s just wide of top bins. Zac told me it was the wind’s fault as it was going in.

Cohen then gets fouled, but the ball is in our favour, so Owen keeps running and it’s just wide.

Colron maintain much of the possession in the second half but Lanes Head defence is not breaking.

Zac takes an array of throw ins, but they are deflected off Lanes Head for more throw ins. Finally, a ball makes it out to Owen who makes a short ball to Cohen, Cohen with his magic feet, turns and makes a clean cross. No luck on goal this time.

Another bout of throw ins for Zac sees Lanes Head stand strong in their play. Zac takes a throw in to Cohen who makes a strong kick but hits the outside of the net. Cohen continues to battle hard on the wing, Cohen finally is not boxed in any longer and a play to Harry sees another wide chance.

Owen is ready after a pep talk from Richard and boom it’s a goal!

The play restarts and Zac makes a clearance from the box and passes the ball to Cohen who once again is blocked in and just can’t make the pass.

The last few records yet another great effort from Harry down the wing, unfortunately this time it’s the crossbar and that marks the end of the game.

A Few Comments

Well done in goal, Jacob, another clean sheet game.
Well done, Colron, great great effort.
Thank you, Craig, for your help on the sidelines today and, Gemma, thanks for bringing the box.

Player of the Match

Player of the Match goes to Owen, battled hard, took on great runs and secured our second win of the day.

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