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The day Zak A has been waiting for… (Colron Blues Match 1)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Walsall Phoenix Eagles
When 9:00 am Sunday 6th October 2019
Where Saredon Road, Cheslyn Hay, Pitch 2
Colron Team Zak R, Zak A, Fisayo, Kyrie, Jake, Conner, Ollie, Cohen

Game Summary

The rain has disappeared and it’s Zak A’s debut. He has been up since 6:30am with his hair looking on point and wearing his dad’s after shave. Let the match begin… (No Pushing or shoving – the referee’s motto of the day.)

First Half

Zak A took on the well-earned and long-awaited captains arm band, the first half started with Zac R, Zak A, Fisayo, Cohen and Kyrie in Goal. With Jake, Ollie and Conner chilling on the new bench (they are the stillest they have ever been).

Zak A kicked off, the first few minutes of the game the ball didn’t really make it into anyone’s half just went from team to team in the centre of the pitch. Zac R then got a ball to his chest which then landed for a great clear run down the edge but a cross in found no takers and was kicked out for a goal kick.

A corner kick for Walsall saw a great save by Kyrie, leading to Colron’s possession for a while. An array of throw ins by Fisayo saw a more confident and excited Colron team.

Zak A tackled for a ball at the halfway line which lead to a long run and a dynamic shot (just wide).

Fisayo continued with his throw ins and was commended by the referee for his throw in ability. Then the magic came Fisayo found a millimetre gap in a wall of players to sneak a throw in to Zac R’s feet and with a unique pivot, Zac was off and it’s a goal!

Cohen made runs along the left side to tackle the ball and retrieve the ball for his team. Zac R and Fisayo made a flurry of clears to ensure the ball never made it to their half.

Zak A continued to make his impact on the game by fighting through players to get the ball.

Half time game and the players were happy to be substituted to get their turn on the nice new bench. Plus Vanessa had another trick up her sleeve to keep the players still and in one place, TOP TRUMPS!!! (Great idea, Vanessa.)

Second Half

The second half brought a change in goal, Kyrie for Conner and on the field Jake for Fisayo and Ollie for Cohen.

The second half started well with Colron intercepting the ball and passing well to each other across the pitch.

Jake was in his favourite position and cleared anything that got in his way, chasing down balls if needed.

Zac received a corner and took on a run down the field but be was meet with a save.

Ollie was victorious in his tackles in the second half, he is never afraid to fight for the ball and worked well in the team to pass to his teammates.

Then the moment of darkness hit…

A corner was given, and the ball blasted in, to be clearly hit off the hand of a Walsall Phoenix player and what do you think happened? They were awarded a penalty and scored.

Jake continued to defend, and Conner was eagerly ready in goal (but most shots on target were wide today).

Zac R then had a clear chance on goal but was wide.

Zac R and Fisayo created a force field together to keep the pacey Walsall player at bay and cleared balls to reduce the pressure.

The game was over with an unfair draw, due to the questionable penalty. Well done Colron you worked hard and completed some good teamwork.

Match 2 report here.

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