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The Firsts Just Keep Coming (Colron Blues)

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition Tipton Youth Tigers
When Noon Sunday 24th November 2019
Where Pitch 2 Grace Academy
Colron Team Zac R, Cohen, Tyler, Jacob, Fisayo, Jake, Connor
Absent Zak A, Kyrie, Oliver and Tyler (See you all next week)
Manager Richard & Andy

Game Summary

Well back to our Sunday adventure….

First Half

The game starts with Jake in goal, Connor on the right, Cohen centre, Fisayo on the left and Zac in defence.

Now this was such a fast game I really did struggle to keep up, especially as Gemma was a distraction too!

The game was end to end to start and the ball seemed to go from team to team but get nowhere really. The game then slowed down and the Colron Blues team we saw in the first game turned up again.

Zac R and Fisayo played a good flurry of excellent passes to get close to the goal, Fisayo then battled through defence at some force but just couldn’t get close enough to the goal. Fisayo then made a short ball to Connor and with a tap of the ball, it goes in. GOAL!!!! Connor celebrates and what a beaming smile you now have. Well done Connor your first goal for Colron.

Cohen takes on his clear determination and ability to tackle for the ball and wins to get the ball to Connor who controls the ball and passes to Fisayo who takes a shot and it’s saved. Poor Fisayo they just won’t go in today (or will they?)

The defence is tested and with Zac taking on Jake’s normal role, he doesn’t disappoint and gets the ball clear to Fisayo.

The ball is back in Colron’s possession and this time to Connor who finds Zac who finds Cohen and with a shot Cohen gets his second goal of the game. Great goal Cohen.

Zac R and Fisayo then complete some great passes across the whole field to make The Tigers take on some runs.

Zac starts to feel the pressure in defence and must make some superb clears, alongside Fisayo who helps along the way.

Fisayo takes on a good position upfront to have yet another strong effort saved. Cohen and Fisayo fought, fought and fought some more to get the ball back in Colron’s ownership.

Fisayo receives the ball and with a small fight against the other team, Fisayo gets his reward and he gets his goal (I think Fisayo himself was so used to his amazing efforts being saved or wide, that he to could not believe it went in). Well done Fisayo.

The game resumed in Colron’s favour and with a header from Cohen to Connor, Connor takes a good run to goal but the ball is cleared.

A lesson in perfect play is about to be watched. It starts with a ball from Jake to Zac down the side-line and a connecting ball to Fisayo and KAPOW Fisayo second goal of the game. He is one happy boy now.

Half term is called and Colron are 4 up.

Second Half

The second half sees Connor off and Jacob on.

Cohen starts the game with a kick to Zac R and to Fisayo, a great touch and control by Fisayo but it is wide.

Tipton Tigers come out fighting and pressure is applied to Colron. Jake comes into the game as the ball slips past defence, but the ball is saved. Well done Jake.

The game continues with a good delivery of passes from Fisayo/Cohen/Zac and Jacob.

Zac’s defensive skills are tested now as he tackles the ball and then loses it, Zac is not happy about this situation and he tries with all his might to get the ball back and in a fashion he does as he falls down not before he connects with the ball forcing it to Fisayo who makes the clearance off a Tipton player.

Jake’s turn now to play a short ball to Zac R but Jake’s cheeky side is unleashed and he tries a trick shot which doesn’t go to plan too well and a save is required. Second time round Jake makes the play to Zac more effectively.

Fisayo makes some spectacular tackles. Rewarded with a run down the line, to Jacob and to Cohen and a save. With the ball entering the game quickly the team race down the field and it’s forced out for a corner. The corner is played just as quick and with many in the box it’s a goal.

Zac gets the ball now and off he goes the ball is saved, but the goalkeeper drops it and it rolls towards the goal but it’s saved again.

Jacob takes on a good tackle to gain possession. The pressure is turned on again, but Jake makes a heroic save.

As the last few minutes of play continue, Colron take on impressive passes from Jake to Zac to Fisayo to force Tipton into their own half at a quick
pace. Colron remain possession till the full-time whistle.

Well Done Colron. Great match to watch, not the easiest at times but you kept your spirit and love for the game.

The Player of the Match goes to Cohen for his determination and drive all game and for his first ever goals for the team.

Next Game TBC, (heads up I am not here next week, so who will be the budding reporter?)

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