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Thrilling Game for U15 Girls against Four Oaks Saints

Last night we had the closest, most exciting game of cricket against a great Four Oaks Saints team. Possibly the best game I have witnessed at this level.

It was the first match of the U15 Girls County League where the first round legs are 16 over pairs format, with the return fixtures being standard rules T20.

Walmley Bowling

Overs 1-4: Ellie Phillips & Libby Snowdon – Net 21:
Great start with just 3 off the first 2 overs.

Overs 5-8: Chloe Throup & Naomi Boon – Net minus 1:
Chloe starts with a double wicket maiden!
Naomi takes one with her 3rd ball.
Great stop and throw by Libby turns into a run-out via calm wickie Faye Stanley!

Overs 9-12: Amber Williams & Liv Oakley – Net 11:
We have a young bowler bowling against a pair featuring a County representative!
Another run out, this time Ellie linking up with Faye.

Overs 12-16: Olivia Throup & one each from Libby & Chloe – Net 32:
With Fours Oaks in trouble on 31 they sent in their top pair of County batters.
Our girls did as well as could be expected with the pair netting 32.
And Chloe got another wicket, finishing with 3 for 5!

Great keeping by Faye staying calm to get 2 run outs.
Great fielding by Lily Byrne who rotated with the fielders in her first match at this level.

Walmley Batting: Target 64

1st Pair: Ellie Phillips & Faye Stanley – Net 36:
Ellie smashes the ball around for net 34.
Faye only faced 2 balls, but with a strike rate of 100 scores 2.

2nd Pair: Libby Snowdon & Amber Williams – Net 25:
Amber supportive as Libby scores 19 not out.

After 8 overs we are just 2 runs behind.

3rd Pair: Naomi Boon & Liv Oakley – Net minus 4
Naomi hits a beauty boundary but her 5 was reduced by a great ball taking her wicket.
Young Liv does incredibly well to only be out 3 times against County fast bowlers.
For our “junior pair” to face that attack for net minus four is amazing! Well done, girls.

4th Pair: Chloe and Olivia T – Net 9
In a tense finish to the game the Throup girls came into bat, facing Saints’ captain and top player along with the two other best bowlers of the day.
Early runs and wickets cancelled each other out.
We entered the last over…
An amazing catch means we need 10 from the last three balls. Some people think it’s all over.
Olivia Throup on strike…
We need 1 run to draw, or 2 to win.
“Chloe, you’ve got to run!”
FOUR !!!!!!!!!!
There’s no need for Chloe to run as Olivia smashes another 4 to win by 3 runs.

Absolutely incredible!
Someone said I was crying but I just had some dust in my eye !

Tactics were spot on (well done Libby) as was her captaincy supported by Faye, Ellie and Chloe.

The spirit with which Four Oaks took what must have been a crushing disappointment was truly exceptional. All finished off with the usual beautiful spirit and friendship that this match always delivers.

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