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U8s: Walmley Colron Blues versus Great Barr Harriers

Sunday 11th April 2021 

Willenhall goals @9:30am 

Pitch 11 

Team: Zac, Harry, Jake, Tyler, Tommy, Owen, Jacob, and Cohen 

Manager and coaches: Richard, Andy and Craig

Match 2 of the day and the boys are happy from their previous game. We have moved from the inch of sunshine we had back to the arctic Sunday morning conditions. 

The team starts off with Jacob, Zac, Jake, Tyler, and Harry. Harry kicks off the game which for the first 1 minute is the Harry show, Harry corner deflected off a harrier for a Harry throw-in deflected off a harrier for a Harry corner, and so on…..  Great effort Harry you did really try to get past them and then you did a ball to Jake a cross to Harry a move to Tyler edging up field back to Harry and a well-deserved goal for all your effort and great teamwork Jake and Tyler to set up the goal. 

The gameplay continues in the harriers half for much of the first half however it is not an easy game and they continue to clear much of the pressure applied to the blues.  A corner from Jake comes close to goal but just slips past the post, Harry continues with clean throw-ins which are deflected out for another throw-in further up the field.  Jake takes a throw-in which is intercepted by the harriers and Zac makes a launch forward to defend off the pressure from the  Harriers. 

Jake gets the ball from Zac, Jake makes a run down the wing where he passes cleanly to Harry from the left. The Harriers unite around Harry and he is blocked from another chance at goal. 

Jacob makes a clean save from a quick-footed player and soon the ball is back in play to Zac who goes for a long ball but unfortunately no blues in the box to finish the play. 

Harry and Tyler join forces to pass down the field but Harry is taken down on the edge of the box and Zac is there for a top bins free-kick oh the joy on his face. 

The boys are hungry for more goals and it’s a block for Jake, Harry and wide of goal for Zac.  Tyler shows good pitch presents in retrieving balls and making clean passes to Harry.  Harry strength today is exceptional and has battled and held on all match.  

Jake takes a strong throw into Tyler, who recognizes Jake in great space, Jake then shows remarkable gameplay and applies huge pressure to the Harriers, who don’t take the pressure lightly and re-group and make Jacob perform a great save before halftime. 

Half Time sees a change in the team to Cohen, Jacob, Tommy, Owen, and Harry.  The game starts with a clean cross to Harry from Owen.  Then a battle in midfield sees Cohen hold their own in defence and block all that was aimed at him. 

Cohen gets the ball back to his team and Harry is in space on the wing to bring the ball back into the game and a shot at target is saved, a rebound meets Owen’s feet and also saved, the ball is out for a corner. 

Harry takes the shot and it’s a handball.  Penalty. 

Jacob comes up to take it and stands ready for the whistle. Takes a run and it’s a goal. The first goal of the season for Jacob and the joy on his face is huge, he takes his position back in goal and even does a little jump when he gets there.  Well done Jacob I hear that you earn money for your goal! 

Owen, Harry retreat for a while to support their strong defender Cohen.  Jacob makes a great save.  Tommy comes into play to unnerve the midfield with his speed and ability to get into space with ease.  Owen receives a ball from Tommy and a huge cross to Harry but wide for a corner.  Harry takes the corner, meets Owen but it’s wide and the ball is now in Harriers long running play, Colron didn’t retreat but that’s ok on this occasion as Cohen stands strong and takes on all the Harriers to regain possession. 

The game is drawing to a close but not until the greatest play of the game, a defending more from Cohen sees the ball wide, Tommy intercepts and makes a short run before passing to Harry who sees players in his path, crosses to Owen, Owen plays straight back throwing the Harriers off course. With the ball at his feet, Harry shoots and it’s a goal and a clean sheet for Jacob too. 

Well done boys a great game,  it wasn’t easy at times but you held your own. 

Man of the Match= Tommy – Your first game was exceptional and your support in the last play of the game truly amazing. 

Next game= Sunday 18th April = Willenhall Goals @ 9 am Walmley Colron Blues Vs Silverdale Warriors pitch 13. 

@10am Walmley Colron Blues vs Lanes Head Allstars, pitch 11.  

Have a good week and enjoy a pint!

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