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U8s: Walmley Colron Blues vs Whites

Sunday 11th April 2021 @ 9am

Willenhall Goals

Team: Zac, Tommy, Jacob, Cohen,Harry, Jake, Owen and Tyler

Manager and Coach: Richard, Andy and Craig

And so it all begins again on a cold, snowy April Sunday morning in Willenhall. The boys are excited and the parents think gone have our Sunday lie-ins.

The starting line up is Zac, Jake, Tyler, Harry and goalkeeper Jacob. 

The Whites start the game and apply pressure from the start to unnerve the Blues who have currently forgotten about holding position, luckily they regroup and are ready for the game ahead (very similar to myself who has written some notes that I can’t read at the start but back on it now)

An array of throw-ins sees Zac and Harry have their own game for a few minutes, Zac throws in Harry fights through, Whites defend and repeat and repeat, until Harry is taken down and Zac gets a free-kick which is quite far out but he blasts it but it’s just over. 

Zac gets another throw into Harry and Harry gets past a few players and a cross to Zac but after a short run, he is blocked by the whites. Another throw-in sees Zac connect with Harry down the line who is pushed wide by the whites after a good run. 

Jake comes into play and makes a good cross to Tyler who turns on the ball to make a clean run down the wing to be pushed out wide by the strong COlron Whites team.  Another throw-in sees Jake send a smooth play to Harry who under much pressure from most of the other team still controls the ball and back to Zac then Jake and out for a Whites throw-in. The throw-in connects with the Whites and a strong save from Jacob sees no goal. 

The Whites mount the pressure and a solid block from Zac sees the ball back in our control, the rebound from Zac is intercepted by Tyler who connects with the ball and passes across to Jake. The opposition continues to battle and gets through and a save by Jacob then sees a goal on their second attempt. 

Jake restarts the game and a ball from Jake sees another save by Jacob and then a pass to Zac and Tyler and back upfield.

The ball is not long in play before Jake gets a throw-in and then another throw in this time resulting in many players in the box, it is not clear if it was a result of Jakes pass or off a Colron white player, but a goal’s a goal. Back to equal now. 

The second free-kick of the day for Zac sees this headed from the box. Tyler takes the resulting corner from the header and across the box, to Zac it goes but not close.  Jake takes the rebound and with all his force fights through but it is blocked and it’s a corner to the blues. 

Many throw-ins occur now from Jake now it’s like the Hokey Cokey in, out, in out and then just before half time the Whites get the ball back but Zac is able to defend off them and it’s half time. 

Half time sees a change in Zac, Cohen, Owen, Tommy and Jacob. 

They come out as a strong force and lightning feet and it isn’t long before Tommy flies through with an epic move but the ball is saved. 

The gameplay is end to end for a while and then Zac intercepts the ball before being chased down and the ball is forced out. 

Jacob turn on the ball again and makes a quick move to Zac and then Cohen gets stuck as with his quick feet and drive to get through but is forced out a little too wide to make the move count. 

A throw-in from Zac connects to Tommy on the wing who is making excellent space today to fly down the wing and with focus gets the ball to Cohen who again is forced out wide. The duo doesn’t give in and completes the same move this time Tommy connects to Cohen, Cohen gets through to Zac, Zac’s strike is blocked by the whites.  Not to be disheartened for their effort they try again. Tommy weaves his way through, connects to Cohen in the box, bang it’s a save but boom it’s a goal. (Cohen never took his eye off the prize).  

Zac, Cohen, Tommy, and Owen now take on the game as a team and great plays to get the ball up the pitch, and even when the whites get awarded a free-kick they stand tall and deflect the ball and Jacob makes the final save. 

Tommy and Cohen have a back and forth game now, they see the gaps in play and are able to move up the field with support from Owen who is forced out for a corner. 

The corner sees a goal sneak in for the whites back to an equal game again. 

A short corner from Cohen sees a long ball to Zac who takes a risky shot on goal but its just wide. 

Cohen continues with his attack and is forced out for several throw ins, finally through determination Cohen makes a move and even under extreme pressure he is able to find Tommy who equally handles the pressure and is blocked just at goal and a corner is given. 

There is a lot of attack from the Whites now and Owen battles down the wing, to Cohen who comes across the middle and is taken down.  Zac steps up for another free kick this time he is not having anything but a goal and blasts it past the wall and the keeper. 

Whites fight on and demonstrate excellent play, Tommy who is on fire this morning with his play makes excellent moves into the box, and its forced out for a corner. 

Really good game and not an easy game at all, well done boys, excellent win.

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