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U9s Blues Battle on against Tough Opposition

Match Reports – 26th September 2021
Team: Zac, Cohen, Jacob, Tommy, Owen, Tyler, Jake and Ewan.
Absent: None

Game 1: Walmley Colron Blues vs Wyrley Jnrs Lions

Location: Pitch 4 – Willenhall Goals
Kick off: 9am

Match 1 – First Half

First cup game of the day and a team of Zac, Cohen, Jacob, Tommy, Jake, Tyler and Ewan. An early
goal saw Walmley Colron on the back foot for a short time before getting into the game and holding position
well. An impressive run up the line early on showcased Ewan talent on the right wing and was just
forced out at the last minute, however very skilled play.
Throws in from Jake and Zac allowed Walmley Colron to gain some control of the ball in flurries through the
first half.
The first half also brought some great saves by Jacob, defensive crosses by Zac and solid clearances
from Jake.
Tyler battles strong from the offset and was nearly rewarded with a goal, but it was saved. Tyler had
battled to gain possession and a few turns with the ball going back up field and a last minute
interception and cross saw the goal saved.
Tommy displayed some clean smooth captures which left the lions stumped in mid field on
Zac and Cohen displayed great controlled passes down the field. A long ball from Zac down the wing
to Cohen and controlled by Cohen chest to get the play forced out for a corner was unlucky as the
skill was high.
Jake continued with some epic crosses before a heroic run and shot from Cohen was saved and a
rebound saw Tommy have his great effort saved also.
Ewan continued a great first half with a dynamic interception, 360 controlled turn and a run before
the ball is deflected in his pass. Ewan finished what seemed like a lengthy first half with an epic
Half time.

Match 1 – Second Half

The second half saw a more determined Colron side enter the field. Owen was on for Ewan. Tommy
started the game with a much solid authority in midfield and strong battling won the ball on many
occasions forcing the ball to Tyler. Tyler battled through and through a very strong defence and was
blocked at the end but was able to force some corners for Cohen.
Colron played a stronger second half and applied much more pressure to the team with Tyler in the
box, Cohen taking epic corners and Jake solid in defence, Colron looked a good side.
Owen displayed an outstanding performance on the right wing, gaining much possession and not
letting the opposition through, clean tackles and quick feet, saw a grand pass to Zac and a smooth
turn and a cross but was too wide.

A free kick from Zac saw it saved. And another great corner from Cohen saw the ball hit the net.
The pressure continued and a run from Cohen and a cross to Tyler saw the goal saved and more
excellent play was delivered by Tommy and Cohen to Owen before another save.
The pressure continues and with more and more corners for Cohen it wasn’t like before the defence
was broken down even though it was an own goal. But Colron’s hard work paid off.

Zac completed some excellent runs and passes before his shot on target just skimmed over. Zac was
soon back up field clearing a ball in the box with an impressive header.

Colron were unlucky as another goal for the lions is blasted in, no stopping that one, Jacob!
Owen continued with a superb half and some strong tackles let us keep possession. Jake was solid in
his clearances and strong throw ins to keep us with the ball.
Ewan comes on for Tommy and is tackling well to gain possession and passing accurately to his team.
The last few minutes saw some signature lightning runs from Cohen, a run from Zac sees Cohen able
to take one last corner before the whistle is blown.

Match 2: Walmley Colron Blues vs Walsall Phoenix Titans

Location: Pitch 4 – Willenhall Goals
Kick off: 9:40am


The second game sees Colron against a very strong Walsall Phoenix Titans and even though they
were defeated by quite a few goals, Colron did try hard particularly in the second half. The game
however did bring some highlights with a great first goal from Ewan which came from a ball from
Jacob to Cohen, Tyler and delivered home by Ewan.
Jacob made an array of good saves in the game to stop the score getting higher.
Cohen and Tommy took a few knocks but kept going. This didn’t stop Tommy gain much control in
midfield and sneak a few passes clean to his teammates.
Ewan made a couple of impressive runs and were wide. Jacob assisted a great ball to Jake who
passed a ball to Ewan who made a strong kick but wide.
Tyler had a couple of balls saved after solid battles against many players.
Cohen chased down some balls to keep in play and send the other team in a slight spin. Cohen also
defended some great balls in the second half alongside Zac and Jake.
Owen made some moves on the wing to gain much throw ins for Colron.
The end of the game saw Owen and Zac connect to get the ball down field but no rewards. Jake
made some strong clears a couple of balls even left the stadium.
Battling to the end saw Colron play with all their might against a very good team. Andy was glad to
hear the whistle blow not due to the score but due to the number of shoelaces he had to tie this

Player of the Match

Player of the match goes to Jake for his solid performance in defence with some almighty blocks,
strong tackles and clean throw ins. Well done Jake.

Next Games

3/10/2021 at Willenhall goals
9:00am Walsall Phoenix Eagles (Friendly)
9:40am Diamond Academy (Cup Game)

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