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Walmley Colron Blues Second in Group

Cup Game – 9:30 Sunday 9th May 2021 at Grace Academy – Pitch 3

Walmley Colron Blues Versus Sedgley and Gornal South  

Team: Zac, Jake, Cohen, Owen, Jacob, Jake, Harry and Tommy
Absent: Tyler
Coach/Manager: Richard and Andy

First Half

Our 3rd Cup game sees Zac, Jacob, Harry, Owen and Jake. The game starts quick with Owen and Zac
pushing up field and an unlucky miss for Harry. (This is when we should have known how the game
was going to pan out).

Jake completes a good run and a smooth transition to Harry who makes the final run and it is forced
out for a corner. Harry makes the corner count and a ball to Owen, then Jake, then a throw in. Sees
Harry continue his unlucky strike with another goal saved and then Owen with a goal wide.

Sedley up their game play and Harry ups his with applying enough force to force the player out.
Jacob ball, to Zac and the ball is out for a throw in.

Zac makes the move quick, to Harry and Jake and it is a questionable corner to Sedley, leading to
their goal.

Zac continues to defend and clears the tension that is being executed from Sedley. Harry and Owen
connect from throw ins, but an interception sees a clearance from Zac. Jacob makes a save and a
pass to Zac sees a throw in from Jake and a follow up throw in from Zac to Harry and a quick turn
sees an impressive run from Harry, followed by a debatable 2nd hand ball of the game from Sedley.

Owen steps up and makes a great clearance from the box just before half time.

Second Half

The unluckiest second half is about to begin with a team of Tommy, Cohen, Jacob, Zac and Harry.

Tommy quick corner out sees an unlucky miss for both Harry and Tommy. Cohen makes a smooth
ball down the line resulting in a corner ball for Harry and a follow up throw in for Zac. – No luck or

Harry makes an epic block and defend to see a ball for Jacob. Jacob to Zac and a effortless cross to
Cohen sees the ball use out- yet again.

Zac plays a ball to Tommy who has make clean space and a short run to Harry and its blocked.
Zac throw in in sees Cohen run out.

Tommy follows up the ball, but unfortunately nobody to connect with.

Zac throw in sees outstanding control by Tommy and shot wide.

Harry and Cohen demonstrate exemplary play and start to unnerve Sedgley defence.

Zac, Tommy and Harry connect and its an unlucky miss for Tommy from the edge of the box.

Harry’s turn now, Harry takes the ball from the centre spot and a turn sees him keep possession and
more important excellent control and skill, a short run and a save.

Corner for Cohen sees a move for Tommy who retreats and turns and again just wide.

Another Cohen from Cohen sees Zac up the line, a short move forward sees Zac hits the post,
returned for Tommy to hit the post and returned for Cohen for the save. Very tense moment and
very unlucky.

Tommy was quick to defend play and a throw in from Tommy sees a play to Cohen, ambitious run
and possession gained, great control and another unlucky wide.

And it goes on and on Harry wide, Tommy forced out wide, Harry/Cohen Wide, Cohen, Zac, Tommy

Unlucky game boys, but to be 2nd in the group shows how far you have come. – Well done boys.

Player of the Match goes to Zac for a strong stance in defence in both games.

Next Game Sunday 16th May 2021- TBC

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