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Walmley Colron Blues vs Sedley and Gornal North

06/06/2021- Cheslyn Hay

Pitch 2 KO: 11:15

Trophy Game

Team: Zac, Tommy, Cohen, Harry, Jake, Owen and Jacob

Absent: Tyler

Manager and Coach : Richard and Andy.

First Half

As the rain starts to die down and it starts to warm up the second game starts Jacob, Zac, Jake, Owen and Harry. The game starts on pitch 2 which only means one thing the lovely referee is back.

The game starts so quick with the whistle going and a ball from Zac to Owen and a smooth pass to Harry sees an early goal for Colron. Harry continues his fast play and a ball to Zac sees it wide.

Owen’s turn now and a great ball in sees an epic save by the keeper, unlucky Owen as this was a great shot.

Jake makes a fluid pass to Harry and a run sees Harry’s cross to Owen who makes a cross to goal, but a defender blocks the play and a corner is awarded.

Harry plays a short ball to Zac who controls the play and waits for Harry to be down the line before chipping in a ball, Harry lighting feet makes a controlled and wonderful run up the line and a cross to Jake and bam a goal is scored.

Jake takes a corner and Harry’s efforts are saved and then Owen’s two attempts are blocked. Great determination boys.

Zac makes some formidable tackles to fight off any goal opportunities.

Jacob, Zac and a long ball connecting to Harry and Jake, then Jake to Owen.

Colron maintain possession for a while and pass well amongst themselves but do not move up field too much.

Owen demonstrates some excellent play to keep the ball and then releases the ball to Harry. Harry battles strong with the pressure on him but an exceptional turn sees the ball still in play.

Zac takes on a run from our goal taking on all the Sedgley players with some great turns and moves to outrun them, the final play is touched by a Sedgley player, and the ball is wide, but a great run Zac.

Jake and Owen move down field together making short passes to be forced out for a throw in, Zac makes the throw in.

Zac’s throw in down the line, rolls down Harry’s head to Harry’s feet for a perfect cross to Jake and an save from Sedgley.

Owen makes a great short ball to Zac and Zac a short ball back and Owen is just pushed out at the last minute.

Half Time

Second Half

Second Half starts Jacob, Tommy, Cohen, Zac and Harry.

Not long into the play and Cohen makes an interception, plays to Harry, Harry makes a short run before passing to Tommy and what an amazing powerful shot Tommy. (Great Goal).

Zac makes a play to Tommy and again Tommy demonstrates great control and excellent play, passing to Harry and Cohen’s shot saved by the keeper.

Zac takes on a run and is blocked in his tracks. But not the second time round he runs through them all and bang it hits the post, Cohen finds the rebound and it’s saved by the keeper.

Jacob makes 2 great saves consecutively.

Tommy makes an excellent run from a tackle and its wide and the second time he is blocked. This time Tommy makes a great run, and an excellent cross sees another superb goal from Cohen, terrific assist Tommy.

Harry makes a clear run up field, taking on players well and a pass to Tommy sees the ball just wide.

Jake on and Harry off.

Cohen takes on a run and makes a cross to Jake, a strong ball Jake but its over.

Tommy sets up an array of opportunities for his team, but the goalkeeper is battling strong for Sedley.

Corner takes a corner and Jakes’s effort is saved. Tommy’s corner to Zac sees the ball over. Zac I give you 100% effort today for trying for a goal.

The end of the game is near not before Zac tackles solid to get a pass to Cohen and a blockbuster of a run and its goal number 3- Hattrick (and a new contender for most goals of the session, The battle is on).

The game ends in a few corners for us but no more goals.

Player of the Match

Great Game. Great weekend of football.

Player of the Match goes to Jacob for him standing strong in goal and a clean sheet in the second game. Well done.

Next Game: 13th June @ TBC.

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