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Walmley Colron FC – Club Guidance in Response to COVID-1

This page contains information on:

You can download a powerpoint version of this information here: Walmley_Colron_FC_Covid_19_Guidance (powerpoint)

Guidance from the FA

Guidance from the Football Association can be viewed here: football-restart-guidance-1-june (pdf)

Training Group Sizes

  • Max 6 people per group including coach
  • Second coach or other appropriate adult (18+) must be present for safeguarding in line with FA Safeguarding Rules. The second adult does not count toward the group size
  • No physical contact between players and / or coaches – 2m distancing applies
  • Coach can set up more than one group of 6 but they must not interact with each other
  • If more than one group is set up they must be within a supervisory distance (eyesight and hearing)
  • For clarity Walmley Colron FC will abide by the following ratios:
    • 1 group of 5 players = 1 coach plus additional adult / coach
    • 2 groups = 2 coaches ideally. 1 coach plus 1 adult is acceptable
    • 3 groups = 2 coaches minimum

A reminder of Safeguarding Rules can be found at the following link;


  • Any player/parent who is symptomatic or, living in a household with someone who has possible or confirmed Covid-19 remains at home.
  • Only parents/players from same household to travel, together in the same car.
  • Coaches to use their own training equipment, no sharing
  • Club house will be closed, access to toilets only, with 1 player using (plus adult from same household)
  • Hand wipes / hand sanitizer should be made available for players
  • Players should be discouraged from handling the footballs if possible
  • Players must have own labelled water bottles – no sharing
  • All equipment used must be adequately cleaned after training – By Manager
  • Bibs to be washed after each use – By Manager
  • Parents will treat minor injuries, serious injury will be treated by the first aid qualified manager.

Training Times and Locations

  • We will be staggering training sessions to limit the amount of people at the home ground working a rosta
  • Training sessions will start at half hour intervals to minimise drop off / pick up traffic
  • Training sessions will be max 90 minutes
  • Due to the age of players, Parents must stay pitch side and should not congregate
  • Eldon Drive should be able to accommodate all teams, however if any teams wish to train elsewhere they may do so as long as they adhere to the Club guidelines
  • Teams must booked into the rosta via Ian Chalmers
  • Repair work at Eldon – communication will be given when pitch repair will start, during this time alternative training locations will be provided.

Example – 1 Group

Example – 2 Groups


Q. If I’m training 2 groups, can they interact with each other?
A. No. Although you can train 2 separate groups they must work independently from each other.

Q. Can I bring my own goals to training?
A. Yes. You can use your own equipment as long as it is wiped down prior to players arriving.

Q. Can we access the toilets in the Club house?
A. Yes. The Club house shut following Government guidelines, but toilets will remain open, only 1 player to use the toilets plus adult supervision from same household.

Q. Can all age groups train or just those school year groups that are back at school?
A. All age groups can resume training. This is in line with Government guidelines and the FA have supported the move.


  • Teams to select their preferred training days/times – Feed into Ian.
  • These will be allocated on a first come basis however if there are any extenuating circumstances we will do our best to accommodate.
  • There is no pressure for any of you or your teams to resume training.
  • Your return will be entirely your decision.
  • There may be club members who would prefer not to resume training at this moment in time. Please respect any such decisions.
  • If you have any other questions please ask them on the managers WhatsApp as your question may benefit others.
  • We will review this guidance and further FA / Government updates regularly.
  • Guidance and risk assessment to be shared with each parent before first training session.

Last reviewed: 8th June 2020.