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Warm Weather in Walmley

Match Date: 29th June 2019
Type: Warwickshire County Cricket League Premier Division
Location: John Findlay Memorial Ground
Report: Robert Mathieson, regular first team supporter

It was actually rather hotter than warm when Rugby were entertained at Eldon Drive. In fact it was too hot for even the mad dogs belonging to the Hall and Bevan families to go out in the midday sun. This meant that one of Walmley’s opening bowlers was unable to scrounge refreshing water from Annie Hall. His fellow opener celebrated the warmth by wearing his long sleeved winter vest under his shirt. He assured anyone who questioned his wisdom that one of his coaches had told him that the vest would soak up perspiration thus preventing it reaching the woollen, cable knit, long sleeved sweater that all fast bowlers wear. But where was his sweater?

Your correspondent has no idea who won the toss, but Rugby batted first. Recordo Gordon took an early wicket but it was not the weather for fast bowling and after tight opening spells from the three seamers the Walmley Twirlers took over. Wickets fell at regular intervals. Mr Sheikh took 2 and appeared aggrieved that his fielders were not in good catching form. (sweaty palms?) Captain Waugh came out of his tent and bowled for the first time this season. A wicket with his second seemed greedy. Jono Newis, who last bowled at Handsworth weeks ago when he finished the game with a wicket, and has since been reminding everybody that there was the possibility of a hat trick when he next bowled, took a wicket with his first ball. Nobody but your correspondent seemed to recognise the significance of the moment. A sad anticlimax. However, he was later able to demonstrate his grasp of the spinners’ arts with a gentle full toss obligingly hit, also full toss, to Jamie Hall fielding with the cows. Dinuk de Silva bowled 9 tidy overs of leg spinners and googlies finishing with 2 for 37. As his wickets were taken with the fifth and sixth balls of the 50th over, he really is on a hat trick next time he bowls. Skipper please note!

Rugby finished on 192 for 9.

Mr Sheikh and Mr Bromley (their seniority deserves recognition) opened the Walmley innings with lack of fuss. Unlike the previous week Mr Bromley’s cuts were speeding to the boundary. The senior member sitting next to me was saying “I have been telling Danny not to play that shot for 20 years. He is the best hooker in the Club.” We all know Danny to be fond of his caps and swiftly recognising that the ball was keeping low, he got rid of his helmet. Mr Sheikh was surprised by a shooter and the commentators in the media centre felt obliged to agree with the umpire and give him out lbw.

Alphabetical Venkataraman (known to his fans as Roshan) really is the best hooker in the Club but seems to have forgotten that long hops are there to be hit. Roshan, please do not feel under pressure, but we all want to see the attractive, free scoring batsman we know you to be.

Mr Bhatti (also a man to be respected for his run scoring, if not his make-up*) batted attractively and all went well until, with 5 runs required for victory, he went for glory with a six, but instead went back to the pavilion with 51 and his stumps in disarray. Captain Waugh once again came out of his tent to supervise as Dan Bevan scored the winning runs and brought home a victory by seven wickets. Mr Bromley finished with 85 not out.

*Editor: For those who have not seen him play, Mr Bhatti uses bands of white sunscreen on his face.


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